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112 times

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One month ago

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Duterte kicked them out

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of the Philippines

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I've never had more respect for an asian

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Yeah I can't fucking anything I respect either @JohnMason

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@JohnMason "I think our efforts are best spent organizing and networking, training and planning for the coming collapse, so that we can get out in front of it and mold the shape afterwards"

Yep, I have the exact same mindset, it's really the only thing that we can actually do. There isn't anywhere near enough people to affect anything in the present, a collapse is necessary for anything to change. Most people will always be fine with status quo as long as it doesn't affect them personally IN THE PRESENT and it's all in the future, people never think about that too much until it becomes the present.

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I am moving toward being a little less public, risking my neck naming names on my personal social media....

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most of my energy is going towards people who want to listen now..

2017-05-22 21:07:34 UTC  

and prepare

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I do wonder wtf we do in Europe though without land, especially the UK

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so fucking overcrowded in this country

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france is better for countryside, but its cucked and the french are an island unto themselves

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I was unable to purge some messages older than 14 days due to a limitation in Discord.

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Why you tryna purge me vault? After all those sweet nothing whispered in your ear QQ

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colin the legend

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You look mad

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@TexasVet I'm mad at weakness

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like egyptian lover but more handsome and not egyptian

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So any of you holocaust deniars that use the World Almanac population statistics as evidence that the holocaust didn't happen. Why would the conspirators responsible for the lie allow such a thing to be published? 🤔

2017-06-06 07:37:46 UTC  

>how can you deny the holocouster, goyim?!?!?!?!?! 6 gorrilion died after all

2017-06-06 07:37:49 UTC  

Fuck off

2017-06-06 07:38:13 UTC  

Oi, I'm asking for further info is all

2017-06-06 07:38:27 UTC  

Sure you are

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Sooo why did they allow it to be published without scewing the numbers to support the lie they just made

2017-06-06 07:41:48 UTC  

Gtg fam @Virgil

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The chimneys goyem! Dont mind the chimneys!!!

2017-06-06 07:43:56 UTC  

To answer your meme question, they do not literally controll everyrhing.

2017-06-06 07:44:11 UTC  

And i do not even use that shit to prove anything

2017-06-06 07:45:10 UTC  

So GET FUCKED, holocopter accepter.

2017-06-06 08:04:25 UTC  

How did they calculate the demographics for the world almanac

2017-06-06 08:05:28 UTC  

I dont know, how did they gas 6 mil jews with a pesticide?

2017-06-06 08:06:54 UTC  

Mass produce the crap and kill them over a long period in small groups probably

2017-06-06 08:15:21 UTC  

What else could you kill em with? Guns and the like were in higher demand for killing em Commie Ruskies

2017-06-06 08:19:48 UTC  

If you had to kill a large number of people how would you go about it?

2017-06-06 08:29:40 UTC  

Honestly who cares. It's all in the past.