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2017-06-14 09:10:47 UTC  

So Israel is behind it all? How so?

2017-06-14 09:11:09 UTC  

Why would Israel want the west to fall?

2017-06-14 09:11:46 UTC  

Wouldn't they be pretty boned without America & co around

2017-06-14 09:17:16 UTC  

You're green

2017-06-14 09:17:26 UTC  

congradulations on being on the right path

2017-06-14 09:17:29 UTC  

no sarcasm

2017-06-14 09:21:04 UTC  

I'm going to answer your question

2017-06-14 09:21:46 UTC  

You should read each of these. It won't take you that long. @Lord Shaodeus

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2017-06-14 09:25:09 UTC  

I can get them funding Isis to weaken their neighbours

2017-06-14 09:25:21 UTC  

But why have anything against the west?

2017-06-14 09:25:37 UTC

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2017-06-14 09:26:05 UTC  

Do you think ISIS exists to target the west?

2017-06-14 09:26:24 UTC  

It is a convenient side-effect

2017-06-14 09:26:48 UTC  

but the answer is no. it is not the main function of ISIS

2017-06-14 09:27:13 UTC  

So what does the Israeli government want?

2017-06-14 09:28:15 UTC  

The million dollar question

2017-06-14 09:28:27 UTC  

Do you mean specifically in regard to ISIS?

2017-06-14 09:28:34 UTC  

No in the west

2017-06-14 09:29:07 UTC  

Wouldn't it be in their best interest to have the Us be a Neocon George W.W Bush shitshow

2017-06-14 09:29:31 UTC  

I guess I am not sure what you're asking

2017-06-14 09:30:28 UTC  

Well earlier you said that it's Israels agenda to fund shithouse videos like that "immigrants are super heroes." one

2017-06-14 09:31:42 UTC  

Ah. Right.

2017-06-14 09:32:21 UTC  

Why go to war with a race, or invade a country; in the traditional sense?

2017-06-14 09:32:33 UTC  


2017-06-14 09:32:58 UTC  

If you can achieve the results by much safer, cleaner means; wouldn't you do that?

2017-06-14 09:33:24 UTC  

So what would they gain? 🤔

2017-06-14 09:34:05 UTC  

Why wage a war on the one race with the potential to destroy the throne, when you can win the war and achieve the same results by subversive means?

2017-06-14 09:34:37 UTC  

Why would the west fuck with em if they don't fuck with us?

2017-06-14 09:35:42 UTC  

There is no group that poses a threat to the network of Jewish overlords that dictate all of our government's actions

2017-06-14 09:35:55 UTC  

No group besides white men, that is.

2017-06-14 09:36:58 UTC  

So if it's possible to wage silent wars against him, via the "shithouse videos" you reference, fundamentally change the demographics of his countries... Do you think they would pass it up?