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2017-07-12 06:35:59 UTC  

mostly swarthy olive or sometimes lighter skin

2017-07-12 06:36:04 UTC  

and we have balls

2017-07-12 06:36:06 UTC  

yeee, i've met a few whiter looking indians who when i asked being a little autistic kid said something about the castes.

2017-07-12 06:36:08 UTC  

pretty huge oens

2017-07-12 06:36:20 UTC  

south idnians are nice goys

2017-07-12 06:36:26 UTC  

but they have australoid features

2017-07-12 06:36:34 UTC  

and tend to be your stereotypical indian cuck

2017-07-12 06:36:42 UTC  

pretty much all north indians arent cucks

2017-07-12 06:36:49 UTC  

they just stay aloof

2017-07-12 06:36:56 UTC  

but they hate muzzies with a passion

2017-07-12 06:37:28 UTC  


2017-07-12 06:37:42 UTC  

the only reason indians are docile in other coutnres

2017-07-12 06:37:50 UTC  

is cuz theyre scared af of being deported

2017-07-12 06:38:05 UTC  

latinos etc dont have that problem

2017-07-12 06:38:17 UTC  

chinks are like idnians in that way

2017-07-12 06:38:31 UTC  

i've generally found chinks have a rather docile personality though.

2017-07-12 06:38:38 UTC  

thats cultural

2017-07-12 06:38:45 UTC  

look at an indian in india the worng way

2017-07-12 06:38:59 UTC  

they will stare u down, or murder u and put u in a ditch

2017-07-12 06:39:09 UTC  

we re pretty much nigger tier to anyone non-indian

2017-07-12 06:39:15 UTC  

that's pretty rough

2017-07-12 06:39:37 UTC  

cuz evryoen still hates whiteys for starvong 30 million browns for the sake of some railroads

2017-07-12 06:39:45 UTC  

and they hate muzslims as a given

2017-07-12 06:39:50 UTC  


2017-07-12 06:40:05 UTC  

30 million?

2017-07-12 06:40:07 UTC  

india would be better if they had their own meiji restroation rtaher than actually ebing colonized

2017-07-12 06:40:11 UTC  

the fuck, didn't know it was that much

2017-07-12 06:40:14 UTC  

yea thats the numebr that ive heard

2017-07-12 06:40:21 UTC  

ive also heard 10 millkion

2017-07-12 06:40:28 UTC  

it;s between those two numebrs

2017-07-12 06:40:46 UTC  

was it a good railroad at least?

2017-07-12 06:41:29 UTC  


2017-07-12 06:42:06 UTC  

i dunno, british rule in india and decolonisation especially just seemed really badly planned.
There doesn't seem to have been malice so much as greed and incompetence.

2017-07-12 06:42:11 UTC  

the europena treatment of africa was much better

2017-07-12 06:42:18 UTC  

well heres y it fucked up

2017-07-12 06:42:25 UTC  

they made their own controlled opposition

2017-07-12 06:42:38 UTC  

gandhi and the indian national congress were all british puppets

2017-07-12 06:42:49 UTC  

a face-saving measure

2017-07-12 06:42:58 UTC  

how did they win so much then?

2017-07-12 06:43:01 UTC  

the sepoys were ready to revolt any time

2017-07-12 06:43:17 UTC  

and the brits needed india for the seconf world war