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2018-12-04 02:31:48 UTC  

I ate like... a 1x3mm sliver of what I thought was a scotch bonnet

2018-12-04 02:31:53 UTC  

not so sure it was

2018-12-04 02:31:56 UTC  

What's the shitting streets of india are called?

2018-12-04 02:31:57 UTC  

because my whole stomach is on fire

2018-12-04 02:31:59 UTC  

Note too that Palestine leadership is terrorists

2018-12-04 02:31:59 UTC  

I forgot

2018-12-04 02:32:00 UTC  

"we always back isreal and now 70% of the world hates us lets keep doing that"

2018-12-04 02:32:07 UTC  

at the moment

2018-12-04 02:32:09 UTC  

@Uksio it's called the railroad

2018-12-04 02:32:13 UTC  

Yeah... this is going to be nice.

2018-12-04 02:32:13 UTC  

No Nanook.

2018-12-04 02:32:15 UTC  

the whole railroad

2018-12-04 02:32:20 UTC  

Antifa is going to love this.

2018-12-04 02:32:36 UTC  

"We (the west) caused this mess, and now it is either going to end with all the Jews dead or not."

2018-12-04 02:32:41 UTC  

>.>... I am going to love seeing what happens.

2018-12-04 02:32:55 UTC  

>ME is 70% of the world
>ME is going to do *anything* against America's militay

2018-12-04 02:32:56 UTC  

Fuckers need to realize there is more than one police officer and they are not built like a kung fu master. >.>

2018-12-04 02:33:22 UTC  

>making geopolitical decsions based on feelings of guilt

2018-12-04 02:33:30 UTC  

Y u haet the juce?

2018-12-04 02:33:34 UTC  

He takes down one officer, the rest come in and beat the shit out of him with several more patrons.

2018-12-04 02:33:51 UTC  

Then haul his ass away and put into prison for assault on a police officer.

2018-12-04 02:33:58 UTC  

Attacking a law officer is never a good idea

2018-12-04 02:34:00 UTC  

I mean, just abandoning an entire group wouldn't exactly be a good sign for anyone else who would be wanting to ally with us.

2018-12-04 02:34:05 UTC  

Unless you are in France

2018-12-04 02:34:14 UTC  

It is something I would certainly look at when choosing to ally with a nation.

2018-12-04 02:34:17 UTC  

Attacking french policeman is not punished

2018-12-04 02:34:22 UTC  

I am just saying... these how to defend yourself against riot police really isn't smart.

2018-12-04 02:34:36 UTC  

Let them try

2018-12-04 02:34:44 UTC  

How much funding does Israel genuinely need to stay dominant in the area?

2018-12-04 02:34:49 UTC  

I need a dose of antifa fails in my life

2018-12-04 02:35:25 UTC  

I mean obviously allying Isreal doesn’t ruin all of our opportunities to work with Muslim nation’s

2018-12-04 02:35:48 UTC  

We’re allies with Saudi Arabia(though we should have invaded them instead of Iraq), we work with Pakistan and Afghanistan

2018-12-04 02:35:53 UTC  

Can we convince jews to colonise Mars?

2018-12-04 02:36:05 UTC  

Would satisfy everyone I think

2018-12-04 02:36:26 UTC  

Love how this video makes fun of both sides at times.

2018-12-04 02:36:30 UTC  


2018-12-04 02:36:32 UTC  

@Emperor of USA We could end our alliance with Saudi Arabia if we got our energy policy straight.

2018-12-04 02:36:43 UTC  

It seems to not be either left or right, just makes fun of the exchanges between both sides on the internet.