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2017-03-23 03:28:49 UTC  

kek cum

2017-03-23 03:29:23 UTC  

brothers, in honor of the terror attack today, i think we need MUDSHIT REVOLUTION

2017-03-23 03:29:58 UTC  

Fam i got the hitler pic 4 u

2017-03-23 03:30:07 UTC  

man what a fuckin boss

2017-03-23 03:30:16 UTC  

hitlers my personal hero

2017-03-23 03:30:36 UTC  

the Fuhrer knows how to party

2017-03-23 03:30:51 UTC  

he is high on opiates cocaine and meth ready to pound some aryan puss

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2017-03-23 03:34:34 UTC  

Phantom, can u explain the meme with the somali girl on phone?

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2017-03-23 03:35:28 UTC  

so this article came out talking about how the Muslim girl ignored the person dying right next to her

2017-03-23 03:36:12 UTC  

in london today?

2017-03-23 03:36:14 UTC  

she then got clipped out by a guy i know and we circulated some shops of her ignoring other tragedies

2017-03-23 03:36:17 UTC  

and yeah

2017-03-23 03:37:07 UTC  

Why is europe full of muslims now, just why?

2017-03-23 03:37:31 UTC  

well it's not the people its the religion IMO

2017-03-23 03:37:38 UTC  

ideologies have agendas

2017-03-23 03:37:45 UTC  

agendas are dangerous

2017-03-23 03:37:55 UTC  

unless the agenda is, remove kebab

2017-03-23 03:38:01 UTC  

sure unless

2017-03-23 03:38:26 UTC  

the way i see it memes don't respect anyone

2017-03-23 03:38:34 UTC

2017-03-23 03:38:44 UTC  

everybody gets laughed at so its all fair

2017-03-23 03:38:51 UTC  

true equality

2017-03-23 03:39:04 UTC  

But biological victory is the goal

2017-03-23 03:39:22 UTC  

you must propogate your people, Thats the only meaning of your life goyim

2017-03-23 03:39:41 UTC  

You must protect your soil for that is what man is made

2017-03-23 03:40:49 UTC  

i personally believe in geographical superiority

2017-03-23 03:41:27 UTC  

we advanced because we chose to move out of our comfort zone (africa) and so we grew smart and excelled

2017-03-23 03:41:41 UTC  

we had to invent shit cause it was cold

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2017-03-23 03:42:01 UTC  

asians did not do aswell because they lack swedish empathy

2017-03-23 03:42:04 UTC  

when its warm and food is abundant you don't need to adapt

2017-03-23 03:43:05 UTC  

Asians fell back culturally, not geographically. the heavy emphasis on honor and tradition prevented them from the fresh ideas that move a civilization

2017-03-23 03:43:20 UTC  

thats why they lost the opium war

2017-03-23 03:43:27 UTC  

well china did anyway

2017-03-23 03:43:36 UTC  

japan got nuked

2017-03-23 03:43:44 UTC  

still a loss

2017-03-23 03:43:45 UTC  

and now draw cartoons we fap to