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2017-03-23 04:01:18 UTC  

you guys want to solve a statistical problem for me?

2017-03-23 04:01:26 UTC  

ok here is puzzle

2017-03-23 04:01:58 UTC  

how do you prove CO2 is warming the atmosphere in the future when your sample size is one and your extrapolating

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2017-03-23 04:02:10 UTC  

n=1 earth

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2017-03-23 04:02:23 UTC  

Think about it

2017-03-23 04:02:51 UTC  

try and run model with one sample and r or sas will be like bref

2017-03-23 04:03:09 UTC  

Don't they use ice layers from the Arctic?

2017-03-23 04:03:20 UTC  

what do they collect from those?

2017-03-23 04:03:35 UTC  

how accurate are those?

2017-03-23 04:03:40 UTC  

oh shit its a teaching class niggurs

2017-03-23 04:03:43 UTC  

Samples of air from different periods

2017-03-23 04:04:07 UTC  

fam how do you know that the samples make sense or they knew temperature for sure

2017-03-23 04:04:23 UTC  

and also prove to me no lurking variable

2017-03-23 04:04:42 UTC  

u guys, would u rather a song about lynching Shia Lebuff, or a song about Le Penn, or about getting high on Kratom?

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Hwndu disco please

2017-03-23 04:05:15 UTC  

Global warming is impossible to prove is my point

2017-03-23 04:05:29 UTC  

with data that is

2017-03-23 04:05:48 UTC  

climate science is the art of extrapolation and violating statistical assumptions

2017-03-23 04:05:53 UTC  

but muh Bill Nye said "the science is settled"!

2017-03-23 04:06:34 UTC  

tfw your sample size is one and you have an unlimited supply of lurking variables

2017-03-23 04:06:36 UTC

2017-03-23 04:06:48 UTC  

thats awesome

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2017-03-23 04:07:38 UTC  

Global warming = B0 + B1CO2 + error

2017-03-23 04:07:39 UTC  

🆙 | **RussianHacker leveled up!**

2017-03-23 04:07:54 UTC  

Logic gives XP

2017-03-23 04:08:01 UTC  

if your sample size is one which it is

2017-03-23 04:09:06 UTC  

Im so glad my song is still pinned up here on general, i hope it spreads to france we must meme harder

2017-03-23 04:09:09 UTC  

then you have less then p+1 samples thus your regression line cannot be fit, Try drawing a line between one point. Now your a climate scientist

2017-03-23 04:09:36 UTC  

also your trying to predict for values never seen before (you dont know future temps and CO2 levels

2017-03-23 04:10:07 UTC  

you mean (((climate scientist)))

2017-03-23 04:10:09 UTC  

Seriously try drawing a line inbetween the points when you have one point

2017-03-23 04:10:27 UTC  

now your a climate scientist

2017-03-23 04:11:05 UTC  

now move on to poll (((statistics)))

2017-03-23 04:11:12 UTC  

>be nate silvers

2017-03-23 04:11:31 UTC  

>clearly moar blacks will vote for hillary than they did for obama

2017-03-23 04:11:53 UTC  

>huffington post calls u pro trump for giving him more than one percent chance of winning

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ah yes wus good