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2020-02-02 15:06:21 UTC  

If you dont mind me asking

2020-02-02 15:06:47 UTC  

Morning kings

2020-02-02 15:06:51 UTC  

Right now I’m an EMT

2020-02-02 15:07:19 UTC  

Hopefully I will be in paramedic school by the end Of the year

2020-02-02 15:07:40 UTC  

Morning king

2020-02-02 15:09:42 UTC  


2020-02-02 15:09:59 UTC  

Oh gotcha. Well if you love your job man, gotta do what you want. If you were working some bs job that wasnt helping people or doing something you enjoy, fuck it. I cant rationalize working that much for something I dont enjoy

2020-02-02 15:11:01 UTC  

Yea it’s great normally I don’t mind the hours. I’m getting over being sick so I’m just tired all the time

2020-02-02 15:14:59 UTC  

Kansas city vs who?

2020-02-02 15:24:54 UTC

2020-02-02 15:26:08 UTC  
2020-02-02 15:29:34 UTC  

Fuckin zucc

2020-02-02 15:29:40 UTC  

He's on my list

2020-02-02 15:31:36 UTC  

I just checked the Page Quality sector. They didn't even hit us for any of the original edits, they hit us for a screenshot of one of them

2020-02-02 15:31:53 UTC  

We had people literally sharing porn and terrorism on our page too

2020-02-02 15:32:54 UTC  

Damn cucks

2020-02-02 15:33:32 UTC  

It's in review, we'll see what happens

2020-02-02 15:33:57 UTC  


2020-02-02 15:34:27 UTC  

It's in review, we'll see what happens

2020-02-02 15:34:42 UTC  

What's the best way to execute a lizard

2020-02-02 15:34:47 UTC

2020-02-02 15:34:58 UTC  

It's this ^

2020-02-02 15:35:05 UTC  


2020-02-02 15:35:11 UTC  

That's supposedly "Graphic violence"

2020-02-02 15:35:28 UTC  

Because commies need their mommies

2020-02-02 15:35:32 UTC  


2020-02-02 15:36:29 UTC  

I think it's more because of the people commenting. I just went through comments on the original and it's a lot of people on both sides posting dead bodies and executions. Plus I'm sure bye asshurt communists mass reported the post.

2020-02-02 15:36:51 UTC  

But considering theres nothing "Graphic" there, all we can do is hope

2020-02-02 15:43:32 UTC  

Knowing how zucc is I'm not holding my breath

2020-02-02 15:49:20 UTC  

When I tried a test comment it says "Temporarily blocked."

2020-02-02 15:49:32 UTC  

May be indeed a temporary ban

2020-02-02 15:52:29 UTC  

Here's hoping my USPSA match goes well

2020-02-02 16:09:12 UTC  

I can't even view the page

2020-02-02 16:11:34 UTC  

Yep because its ynpubkished

2020-02-02 16:11:39 UTC  


2020-02-02 16:13:47 UTC  

Let's unpublish Facebook as a whole

2020-02-02 16:14:43 UTC  


2020-02-02 16:36:31 UTC  

I got locations for their servers

2020-02-02 16:39:34 UTC  

That's fucked up

2020-02-02 16:44:35 UTC  

didnt zucc pledge to defent free speach recently tho?

2020-02-02 16:57:19 UTC