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2020-02-09 05:38:06 UTC  

I wish I could walk lmao

2020-02-09 05:38:45 UTC  

I wish I could help with at least one of those lmao

But I also know you're ''thinnin a forest''

2020-02-09 05:39:45 UTC  

Yeah, gotta be good cuz church job

2020-02-09 05:41:41 UTC  

Yeah 🙏

2020-02-09 05:42:22 UTC  

@Foxhound says here there's a chance they might be around up there
Gotta read more, because it is also getting mixed in with wendigo psychosis

2020-02-09 05:43:17 UTC  

Ohio has mothman in Gallipoli

2020-02-09 05:43:59 UTC  

It wouldn't surprise me, I know we have skin walkers out near the res but beyond that not really

2020-02-09 05:44:19 UTC  

Thankfully I'm nestled in the city now, not overly concerned about running into them anymore

2020-02-09 05:48:33 UTC  

Kentucky has the goat man skinwalker

2020-02-09 05:49:14 UTC  

Last one I saw was a wolf

2020-02-09 05:49:20 UTC  

Big ass fucking thing

2020-02-09 05:49:34 UTC  

Just didn't look right, y'know? Like the dimensions were wrong

2020-02-09 05:49:53 UTC  

Big yike

2020-02-09 05:51:19 UTC  

I've never seen a cryptid

2020-02-09 05:51:28 UTC  

Seen some spirits tho

2020-02-09 05:52:35 UTC  

Seen those too

2020-02-09 05:55:37 UTC  

Lotta weird shit out there

2020-02-09 05:55:51 UTC  

Spirits are more common where I live

2020-02-09 05:56:09 UTC  

Not a lot of cryptids in OH other than mothman who is on the southeast side of the state

2020-02-09 06:00:50 UTC  

We don't have too many here either, unless they're passing through

2020-02-09 06:05:46 UTC  

I'm a fan of cryptid hunting. More so (((synagogues))) they have the spookiest kind of cryptids

2020-02-09 06:07:52 UTC  


2020-02-09 06:11:38 UTC  

I don't fuck around with spiritual beings

2020-02-09 06:14:30 UTC  

I mean its a good rule of thumb. But sometimes you find them, or they find you

2020-02-09 06:19:30 UTC  

If I see one I cast it out immediately

2020-02-09 06:19:50 UTC  

I fucked with em in high school and my parents house became haunted as a reuslt

2020-02-09 06:20:08 UTC  

I'd prefer to prevent that from happening at my current house

2020-02-09 07:38:03 UTC  

I wear a simple silver pendant, and just generally don't fuck with shit. Theres a spirit in the house we just bought, but it's a good one. I think it's the Elderly lady that owned the home. She and her husband built it in 1952, raised 5 kids here. I think shes still attached, and she doesn't bother me much. Some nights I feel like theres someone in the room, and usually the room feels just a little warmer. (Theres no heat in my bedroom). She seems like she's just kinda watching over her home and its occupants, and I can't say I'm that annoyed with it.

2020-02-09 07:38:34 UTC  

She just chills tbh, I think she likes having people here, even if we can't really interact with her.

2020-02-09 07:39:12 UTC

2020-02-09 07:47:00 UTC  

That's kinda creepy yet interesting af

2020-02-09 07:55:45 UTC  

Eh she seems fine. 99% sure she took my lighters though.

2020-02-09 07:55:56 UTC  

Either that or cats got really fucking smart at doors

2020-02-09 08:27:48 UTC  
2020-02-09 08:28:39 UTC  

But like, why lighters?

2020-02-09 08:29:02 UTC  

I already have enough people that steal em, dont need ghosts joining in

2020-02-09 09:26:48 UTC  

A little drunk rn. But just now I love and appreciate y'all.

2020-02-09 09:42:20 UTC  

Love you too, bud

2020-02-09 10:10:03 UTC  

Request fire mission on this page alone

2020-02-09 10:10:42 UTC  

Give it holy hell fire