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2020-02-19 17:58:01 UTC  

Never argue with these guys btw

2020-02-19 17:58:08 UTC  

Just so ya know

2020-02-19 17:58:30 UTC  

He isn't an ideal customer

2020-02-19 17:58:37 UTC  

Not worth the time

2020-02-19 17:58:41 UTC  


2020-02-19 17:59:09 UTC  

I generally dont answer negativity, but if theres a legit teachable moment I might go for it

2020-02-19 18:01:00 UTC  

He wrote a paragraph he ain't teachable lmao

2020-02-19 18:02:00 UTC  

Well yeah, this aint the one. I was speaking generally

2020-02-19 18:46:21 UTC  

Where would i find a boogaloo boys patch

2020-02-19 18:46:34 UTC  

In ur bum

2020-02-19 18:46:40 UTC  


2020-02-19 18:46:51 UTC  

Prolly boog line but theyre sold out right

2020-02-19 18:47:34 UTC  

Yeah. They had a boohadjideen ranger tab

2020-02-19 18:47:36 UTC  

@queefburgler battle patches. They had a preorder for a second batch, and I got like 5

2020-02-19 18:47:45 UTC  


2020-02-19 18:47:52 UTC  

Im gonna look right now

2020-02-19 19:01:13 UTC  

It's nice to be apart of something bigger than yourself. Mainly in the company of good, honest men. Truly kings.

2020-02-19 19:05:40 UTC  

Also, I like how every ones of these article makes it seem like everyone in this movement and group wants societal collapse and civil war instead of recognizing this is the inevitable conclusion of years of policy, overt social engineering, and tyranny on their part.

2020-02-19 19:06:59 UTC  

Hey they gotta blame somebody, otherwise they admid its their fault. And they cant have that

2020-02-19 19:09:28 UTC  

@thedarkness05 when they do admit fault or corruption its buried on page six of an outdated newspaper or headline.

2020-02-19 19:11:59 UTC  

They are probably the public's attention to think that armed patriots who are willing to die to actually defend freedom is somehow extremism because people worship their government like gods

2020-02-19 19:12:35 UTC  

sad that I'm probably the only one in my friend group who thinks like that outside of this chat

2020-02-19 19:12:52 UTC  

everyone's too comfortable with the status quo

2020-02-19 19:14:01 UTC  

Its like that. But I'm slowly breaking through to some of my friends

2020-02-19 19:16:00 UTC  

I've got one for sure, that probably isnt exactly on the same level as me, but he does hate the gooberment. I dont really talk to man people though. Because I hate people

2020-02-19 19:19:29 UTC  

Outside this chat I mean. Yall are kinda cool I guess lol

2020-02-19 19:20:36 UTC  

sup bois

2020-02-19 19:20:50 UTC  

Hey king

2020-02-19 19:20:58 UTC  

hyd byd

2020-02-19 19:22:56 UTC  

Besides a headache, I'm fine. Yourself?

2020-02-19 19:25:00 UTC  

I got one too. Just hiked up here to work. Took about 16 minutes. Times getting shorter each time.

2020-02-19 19:28:16 UTC  

Nice man. Keep it up. If I lived closer to my work, I'd do the same

2020-02-19 19:30:16 UTC  

Thanks bud, got a half hour before I start

2020-02-19 19:30:22 UTC  

what am I using my free time to do ?

2020-02-19 19:30:30 UTC  

I'm looking at pictures of mandrills

2020-02-19 19:30:38 UTC  

these monkeys look fucking evil as fuck

2020-02-19 19:31:46 UTC  

Oh yeah? Lol

2020-02-19 19:32:04 UTC  

lmao yeah somehow i got here

2020-02-19 19:32:51 UTC  

I understand its hard to talk to some people about this kind of stuff. But I know alot of people arnt satisfied with how any of this system and gov is working. Also people are already living pay check to paycheck, or in massive debt.