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2020-02-19 21:32:31 UTC  

Weaponized pidgeons. Yet another example of brids dont real

2020-02-19 21:37:39 UTC  

Is there a quick fucking way to see what I was tagged in or do I actually have to scroll through this whole bitch looking for my name?

2020-02-19 21:37:56 UTC  

I think it was an everyone ping

2020-02-19 21:44:42 UTC  

Birds are as real as my happiness

2020-02-19 22:07:23 UTC  

Squid boi is tha you

2020-02-19 22:07:47 UTC  

I can't believe we are blowing up in the media again

2020-02-19 22:08:06 UTC  

Same bruh, we really the forefront of this thing

2020-02-19 22:08:17 UTC  


2020-02-19 22:08:22 UTC  

Gonna turn it into profit

2020-02-19 22:08:33 UTC  

Step 1 profit

2020-02-19 22:08:34 UTC  

Yes, I got ideas for you dude

2020-02-19 22:08:52 UTC  

@Ramrod1992 And I were talking today at work and I was literally just talking about how they had to have been thousands of photographs taken at that rally, and somehow we end up on every single article and case study

2020-02-19 22:08:58 UTC  

Step 2 boogaloo

2020-02-19 22:10:18 UTC  

@FloridaManBoohajideen because we looked tacticool af dude. But seriously, I genuinely think it was our big dick energy that drew the cameras. As scummy as journos are, they do know what shots will make the biggest impact

2020-02-19 22:10:30 UTC  


2020-02-19 22:10:50 UTC  


2020-02-19 22:10:57 UTC  

anyone heard from @Sir Harndes

2020-02-19 22:13:00 UTC  

@thedarkness05 we had giant (((B))) ENIS vibes

2020-02-19 22:13:29 UTC  

My benis is super hard from this

2020-02-19 22:13:48 UTC  

I'm just happy that my arm patch made it in there

2020-02-19 22:16:27 UTC  

You guys realize that we are the absolute bleeding edge of the public face for this movement

2020-02-19 22:17:12 UTC

2020-02-19 22:17:15 UTC  

It gets better someone got a grant on to write onnus

2020-02-19 22:25:51 UTC  

Hahaha I read this its retarded

2020-02-19 22:35:49 UTC  

These media outlets don't realize that we're just a bunch of gun-loving, law abiding citizens who want to be left the fuck alone

2020-02-19 22:35:56 UTC  

It's always gotta be some fear mongering bullshit

2020-02-19 22:45:52 UTC  

YOOO weekendgunnit digs us too

2020-02-19 22:47:26 UTC

2020-02-19 22:47:33 UTC  
2020-02-19 22:56:30 UTC  

who needs a plate carrier and bulletproof plates when you got perfectly good phone books and duct tape

2020-02-19 23:01:22 UTC  

Lmao get it

2020-02-19 23:01:45 UTC  

No such thing as spall if you duct tape the edges good enough

2020-02-19 23:02:16 UTC  

see, ramrod understands

2020-02-19 23:05:18 UTC  

Id try it but I dont know where to find a phonebook on account of it being fucking 2020 and phonebook are so 20 years ago

2020-02-19 23:11:28 UTC  

I've got a shit ton in my garage from years ago

2020-02-19 23:12:07 UTC  


2020-02-19 23:12:29 UTC  

I shoot anything that i think will take a hit and some things that dont

2020-02-19 23:18:19 UTC  

Today is the anniversary of the day that dude got fed up with the IRS and drove his plane into their Texas office

2020-02-19 23:18:34 UTC  

So what you’re saying is that today is a day to celebrate