Message from Phillip Sledgdon in 4th Reich #trumps_wall

2017-03-25 21:36:23 UTC  

Internet historian? That guy is pretty cool.

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2017-03-25 21:38:13 UTC  

Possible Operation as follows:
Operation Riptide - Boatfags get as close to the coast as possible and kill engines, Landfags steal flag, hop in boat. All /pol/fags rtb and send the flag around the world via mail. Last person to get it mails it to shia as is.

2017-03-25 21:38:30 UTC  

the ultimate demoralization

2017-03-25 21:39:41 UTC  

Or we could fortune son in helicopters

2017-03-25 21:39:50 UTC  

Grab the flag while in mid air

2017-03-25 21:40:10 UTC  

Use the flag as a bag

2017-03-25 21:40:14 UTC  

Put stones in it

2017-03-25 21:40:29 UTC  

Fly over Shia

2017-03-25 21:40:35 UTC  

Drop the bag

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2017-03-25 21:40:45 UTC  

Praise kek

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2017-03-25 21:43:07 UTC  

i must go

2017-03-25 21:43:18 UTC  

to fight for the freedom of France

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2017-03-25 21:43:38 UTC  

May kek be with you

2017-03-25 21:46:51 UTC  

isnt he in boston though

2017-03-25 21:47:37 UTC  

If he was in Alaska first he could've set up something over there.

2017-03-25 22:00:22 UTC  

Sup fags, what'd I miss?

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2017-03-25 22:44:28 UTC  

@everyone I come back to learn you all did NOTHING on a raid scheduled by the Emperor and Intelled by me? WHAT IS THIS SHIT. You had like, 16 hours to prepare. Most could have been done by mobile. I am extremely dissapointed in every single one of you who was on and not on this raid. Do any of you remember the glory of the Jimmy raid? WHERE WAS THAT?! We are an ARMY, and what is an army that will listen to no authority? No fucking army at all.

2017-03-25 22:44:47 UTC  

? I did tho.

2017-03-25 22:45:13 UTC  

I reported half his insta posts :/

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2017-03-25 22:45:24 UTC  

>on and not on this raid
You guys are good.

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2017-03-25 22:46:32 UTC  

Thank you both for your service. Our army is flailing. I need a small group to make sure this gets done. Sera, Inqu, you in?

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2017-03-25 22:46:52 UTC  

oh yes yes

2017-03-25 22:47:03 UTC  

as in, keep check of fags posting shit to him?

2017-03-25 22:47:38 UTC  

Mk. Ill keep my eyes on 5th cohort

2017-03-25 22:48:03 UTC  

Can I be given mod permiss. on cohort chat?