Message from NiggerLyncher in 4th Reich #trumps_wall

2017-03-27 01:16:48 UTC  

@Bendies look in rules and news

2017-03-27 01:17:36 UTC  

@Stone (The Fuher) I heard the Kekistan first party won the elections! What is your take on this?

2017-03-27 01:18:46 UTC  

We will rise in the name of kek

2017-03-27 01:18:58 UTC  

Yes sir

2017-03-27 01:19:30 UTC  

tiger illegal

2017-03-27 01:19:30 UTC  

Arguments are required for this command. Correct usage: illegal <text>

2017-03-27 01:19:37 UTC  

tiger illegal immagrant

2017-03-27 01:19:40 UTC

2017-03-27 01:20:18 UTC  

tiger illegal Being Gay

2017-03-27 01:20:33 UTC  

tiger illegal Hentai

2017-03-27 01:21:29 UTC  

if its heads than marcon will die

2017-03-27 01:21:30 UTC  

tiger flipcoin

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2017-03-27 03:19:54 UTC  

I'm about to upload the burning of shia labouf

2017-03-27 03:20:08 UTC  


2017-03-27 05:01:36 UTC  

you ready for the ovens shia

2017-03-27 05:02:19 UTC  

man just look at that faggot face

2017-03-27 05:02:25 UTC  

bitch can't even grow a beard

2017-03-27 05:02:39 UTC  


2017-03-27 05:04:18 UTC  

"And LaBeouf isn't the only offbeat one in his family. For example, his mother, Shayna LaBeouf who is 5'1," lives in a castle in Tujunga, California that was built by one of the original Wizard of Oz midgets, he revealed on Handler's E! show."

2017-03-27 05:04:33 UTC  

his mom is a midget too

2017-03-27 05:06:26 UTC  

wtf lol

2017-03-27 05:06:53 UTC  


2017-03-27 05:07:09 UTC  

*weak genes, weak mind*

2017-03-27 05:07:14 UTC  

Got it. Full size body, midget brain.

2017-03-27 05:09:02 UTC  

See, the brain sits in juice in the skull, basically. If you slam your head a bunch, your brain will slosh, hit the skull and cause damage. I think he has a peanut sized brain that just gets thrown around every single time he moves his head.

2017-03-27 05:13:14 UTC  

Or the juice is vinegar

2017-03-27 05:46:16 UTC  

maybe shitty vodka

2017-03-27 06:00:01 UTC  

Theres this communist kid that sits at my lunch table
wont stop preaching about is shitty political beliefs, and he has random outbursts of violent behavior.
I think hes autistic.
he hit a girl in my school over the head with a bible a month ago

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This is fucking flowers who made this

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2017-03-27 13:20:57 UTC  

@Harleen Kekzel |-/ Is team America one of your favorite movies?