Message from Renaar in 4th Reich #trumps_wall

2017-04-04 04:46:26 UTC  


2017-04-04 04:46:28 UTC  

goddam fuck that noise

2017-04-04 04:46:34 UTC  

cant vote mormon or nigger

2017-04-04 04:46:40 UTC  

romney only lost cuz he mormon

2017-04-04 04:46:42 UTC  

my dad's a Mormon and I used to go to Mormon services as a kid

2017-04-04 04:46:48 UTC  

was even baptized into the church when I was 8

2017-04-04 04:46:50 UTC  

my parents are my gateway to the evangelical world

2017-04-04 04:47:00 UTC  

shit my parents were married in the Mormon temple in Salt Lake

2017-04-04 04:47:00 UTC  

and they didnt even want to vote for romney

2017-04-04 04:47:09 UTC  

(they've been divorced for 14 years, kek)

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2017-04-04 04:47:28 UTC  

everyone's religious affiliation?

2017-04-04 04:47:39 UTC  

i just got baptized yesterday

2017-04-04 04:47:39 UTC  


2017-04-04 04:47:41 UTC  

I believe in God

2017-04-04 04:47:50 UTC  

started attending services at this small Baptist church late last year

2017-04-04 04:47:53 UTC  

I actually saw God when I was on acid

2017-04-04 04:48:07 UTC  

congrats, cqc

2017-04-04 04:48:08 UTC  

does He have a righteous beard?

2017-04-04 04:48:08 UTC

2017-04-04 04:48:15 UTC  

I saw Demon Nigger Killer Hunter on LSD and DMT

2017-04-04 04:48:28 UTC  

damn that sounds awesome

2017-04-04 04:48:34 UTC  

i had a vision one of the first times I attended the church I go to now. night before I barely got any sleep and when I hung my head to pray during closing prayer i saw myself with an angel before God, being called to go forward in faith

2017-04-04 04:49:17 UTC  

was the song Demon Nigger Killer Hunter made while you were on LSD?

2017-04-04 04:49:49 UTC  

LSD? DMT? damn, i wouldn't touch that shit with a 39 and a half foot pole. i smoke weed and that's enough for me (taking an extended break as i'm getting ready to go back to college)

2017-04-04 04:49:57 UTC  

i'm on the fence, but i've been making a lot of changes in like and the next day after i say i need to do something, the opportunity just...shows up.

2017-04-04 04:51:35 UTC  

and i just had my dog put down, while he was going the song that got me through enough that i tattooed it on myself came on. but yeah, i stay away from hallcucenegens [high bad spelling lol]

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2017-04-04 04:52:08 UTC  

RIP doggo

2017-04-04 04:52:14 UTC  

poor doggo

2017-04-04 04:53:14 UTC  

this was the doberman i had before she passed away on November 5

2017-04-04 04:53:32 UTC  

doggos that like car rides are the best, they make for awesome travel buddies

2017-04-04 04:53:38 UTC  


2017-04-04 04:53:41 UTC  

2017-04-04 04:54:36 UTC  

awwwwww, mine was 13, half coyote, found in a dumpster in pueto rico

2017-04-04 04:54:51 UTC  


2017-04-04 04:54:54 UTC  

mine is a hound i found on the side of the road

2017-04-04 04:55:02 UTC  

she had been beaten and shot three times

2017-04-04 04:55:10 UTC