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2019-01-06 11:29:48 UTC  

y u using the tool of the enemy?

2019-01-06 11:29:49 UTC  

Learn about the thing you are talking about

2019-01-06 11:30:33 UTC  

```Satoshi. I said dollar because you don't know satoshis ?

isn't that a crypto coin?


Learn about the thing you are talking about```

Googles -> crypto coin

2019-01-06 11:30:34 UTC  

@Paradox they will adopt crypto too. Just wait. Don't be evil right

2019-01-06 11:30:35 UTC  

you're an idiot

2019-01-06 11:30:44 UTC  

They took that out.

2019-01-06 11:30:48 UTC  

You're an idiot.

2019-01-06 11:30:50 UTC  

they can be evil all they want now

2019-01-06 11:31:00 UTC  

goyim, learn to grammar if you're gonna insult

2019-01-06 11:31:06 UTC  

See China google.

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Ur idiot

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How bout dah

2019-01-06 11:31:33 UTC  

I got a bridge to sell you, interested?

2019-01-06 11:31:56 UTC  

U dunno shit about crypto u dunno what a Satoshi even is.

2019-01-06 11:32:01 UTC  

Talking like u know it.

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2019-01-06 11:32:19 UTC  

apparently its the smallest amount of bitcoin

like the 1 cent of bitcoins

2019-01-06 11:32:37 UTC  

You fooled me I thought u knew crypto

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2019-01-06 11:32:48 UTC  

I'm debating with someone who dunno Satoshi

2019-01-06 11:32:57 UTC  

as well as the pseudoname of the inventor

2019-01-06 11:33:06 UTC  

is ad hominem the rest of your argument?

2019-01-06 11:33:10 UTC  

ofc it is

2019-01-06 11:33:23 UTC  

guy couldn't even define a fiat currency

Cuz then he'd realise crypto is a fiat currency

2019-01-06 11:34:26 UTC  

@Paradox already murdered his. So what else is there. Most the traders I talk to define everything in Satoshi

2019-01-06 11:34:35 UTC  

They call it out

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2019-01-06 11:34:45 UTC  

I'd say "go back to playing with your "building block"-chains"

but you'd just get upset 😛

2019-01-06 11:34:46 UTC  

50k SATs. Etc..

2019-01-06 11:35:17 UTC  

```Most the traders I talk to define everything in Satoshi```

well i'm not a trader of bitcoin

i think that'd be obvious by now

2019-01-06 11:35:18 UTC  

Go to any btc discord.

2019-01-06 11:35:24 UTC  

See if they talk SATs or usd

2019-01-06 11:35:50 UTC  

Because when trading for btc. It's sats. Never usd.

2019-01-06 11:36:18 UTC  

if i go to a WoW channel they talk in gold, not usd either

2019-01-06 11:36:31 UTC  

almost like people who use some currency in a topic surrounding it tend to use said currency

2019-01-06 11:36:40 UTC  

Yeah and you can sell wow gold at coinbase for usd insured by fdic?

2019-01-06 11:36:44 UTC  

Oh you can't. Okay

2019-01-06 11:36:59 UTC  

chinese gold farmers and even blizzard themselves sell gold for usd.

2019-01-06 11:37:15 UTC  

At coinbase for fdic USD?