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2019-01-10 23:37:29 UTC  

just waiting for the left's brown shirts to realize that reality in which they are being made obsolete by their own masters

2019-01-10 23:39:38 UTC  

I honestly don't even care about the immigration debate at this point because shit has evolved into even bigger issues that, if not solved, would make it impossible to even discuss immigration in the first place.

2019-01-10 23:39:46 UTC  

My current history professor explicitly said he won’t involve politics in the class

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@Swedishmafia101 africa is fucked, straight up 100% fucked beyond recovery and is a future graveyard

2019-01-10 23:43:45 UTC  

Read these.

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more then 3 generations of people that have never had to do anything to feed, clothe, get water, educate or provide medical care for anyone. Land that has gone fallow and turned into desert from over 60 years of neglect. A population that has exploded, serious diseases that spread to the point that some areas are more then 80% infected with aids and reliant on imported aids medicine. Rampant spreading of both bubonic plague and ebola due to practices like dancing with recently deceased plague victims....

2019-01-10 23:44:25 UTC  

It can be stabilized given enough oversight by people who actually know how to run governments.

2019-01-10 23:45:06 UTC  

it's fucked, there is no saving it

2019-01-10 23:45:15 UTC  

Not really going to happen when all the educated people who aren’t the ruling class are migrating to the west

2019-01-10 23:46:33 UTC  

Van Sciver just wants to make a comic about a frog

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I guess that’s why they don’t like him; he’s stopping them from making the frogs gay

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I mean

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Why have we come to a state where frogs are a major political battle

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I think the only way Africa is going to develop is through isolation. Because all other solutions either make things worse, or only provide short term solutions that only help 0.000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000001% of people.

2019-01-10 23:49:19 UTC  

Literally, "pay me or I talk shit about you"

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Is it no context time?
I think it's no context time

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"pay me or i talk about you" the jesse jackson tactic

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I think I’m coming to agree with Marxists more and more that Africa is under constant assault by neo-colonial forces

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And thus can’t develop

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You have a point

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Now I’m not discounting Africa’s own poor decisions

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But it really seems like Europe is still heavily involved in Africa, and China is growing more involved every day

2019-01-10 23:51:10 UTC  

Good luck keeping the neo colonialism away lol

2019-01-10 23:51:29 UTC  

The only way to make them isolated is to take away all their resources

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```Literally, "pay me or I talk shit about you"(bearbeitet)````
Isn't that Blackmail??

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its someone openly declaring themselves to be corrupt + being smug about it

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But I think Sciver will be fine, she couldn't even get his name right

2019-01-10 23:53:29 UTC  

Honestly I kind of think Africa was actually better off under classical imperialism then neo-colonialism; under classical imperialism the people of Africa were subject to European governments, and thus colonial forces were held to the bare minimum responsibility of maintaining infrastructure and the rule of law. Now they can just drain Africa of all its resources and not be responsible for the fallout

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we may be eating shit over here, but at least we don't have a transgender epidemic

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I suppose my conclusion is that France should return to Algeria

2019-01-10 23:54:58 UTC