Message from awoooooo in Subverse #general

2019-01-22 05:32:31 UTC  

I'm a left leaning libertarian so yeah

2019-01-22 05:32:34 UTC  

that picture is going to be everywhere tomorrow

2019-01-22 05:33:17 UTC  

@Gilgamesh plus your right discord is a place were you cant fall in love lol

2019-01-22 05:33:18 UTC  

Was already on Twitter trending

2019-01-22 05:33:38 UTC  

Well u could...

2019-01-22 05:33:43 UTC  

@Ethreen42 holy sheet she dead

2019-01-22 05:33:44 UTC  

@Archon look, love happens when you share real experiences over time. In person.

2019-01-22 05:33:44 UTC  


2019-01-22 05:33:47 UTC  

Just depends on how well u know someone

2019-01-22 05:33:55 UTC  

Liberal libertarian

2019-01-22 05:33:58 UTC  

Ethnic nationalist gang

2019-01-22 05:34:08 UTC  

@Archon she alive sadly

2019-01-22 05:34:08 UTC  

she's not dead

2019-01-22 05:34:14 UTC  

@Gilgamesh ya problem for me idk many people in the fity im in with people my age

2019-01-22 05:34:19 UTC  

@awoooooo damn!!

2019-01-22 05:34:20 UTC  

Okay figured @AHeroQuest @Gilgamesh

2019-01-22 05:34:24 UTC  

@taekahn but is she undead?

2019-01-22 05:34:25 UTC  

wish she'd hurry up and die tho

2019-01-22 05:34:34 UTC  

ah shit

2019-01-22 05:34:36 UTC  

i'm fucked

2019-01-22 05:34:42 UTC  


2019-01-22 05:34:50 UTC  

Every one chill the fuck out

2019-01-22 05:34:54 UTC  

why did you all have to stop talking right as i said that

2019-01-22 05:35:09 UTC  

I didnt

2019-01-22 05:35:15 UTC  

I was busy with other studf

2019-01-22 05:35:20 UTC  

In dms...

2019-01-22 05:35:27 UTC  

Look I don't give a fuck that someone said some old bag was dead

2019-01-22 05:35:32 UTC  

Let's move on

2019-01-22 05:35:57 UTC  

so many of our politicans reading their scripts remind me of the old show tales from the crypt...

2019-01-22 05:36:04 UTC  

Not so typical of libertarian tiger

2019-01-22 05:36:10 UTC  

@AHeroQuest seriously though do people our ages still develop realationships in real life or does most of it take place online these days?

2019-01-22 05:36:12 UTC  

@Misomania it wasn't the picture?

2019-01-22 05:36:29 UTC  

@Order of Serila I'm a left leaning libertarian according to the political compass

2019-01-22 05:36:30 UTC  

ok everyone where on the political spectrum are you?

2019-01-22 05:36:49 UTC  

Im moderate

2019-01-22 05:37:02 UTC  

@Gilgamesh I mean, that image can apply to so many politicans and judges it's insane

2019-01-22 05:37:03 UTC  

Center.... Last i check. Dead center

2019-01-22 05:37:05 UTC  

Left and libertarian as opposed to the right and authoritarian

2019-01-22 05:37:06 UTC  

idk honestly. Either people date after meeting in-person (seems to be increasingly rare tho) or they use dating sites

2019-01-22 05:37:13 UTC  

I'm Right wing