Message from Europa in 4th Reich #general

2017-04-10 23:38:44 UTC  

Still, you have to within a certain range.

2017-04-10 23:38:53 UTC  

also the intel ME engineering positions req sec. clearance

2017-04-10 23:39:33 UTC  

also microantennae have been pointed out on current dies apparently

2017-04-10 23:39:38 UTC  
2017-04-10 23:39:45 UTC  

that's secondhand so take it as you will

2017-04-10 23:39:55 UTC  

i mean is there any real way to be sure

2017-04-10 23:40:12 UTC  

that it's still not doing something

2017-04-10 23:40:28 UTC  

who knows if there's some fuckin rom in there

2017-04-10 23:41:10 UTC  


2017-04-10 23:43:12 UTC  

lil yachty

2017-04-10 23:43:25 UTC  

cold like minnesota is stuck in my head

2017-04-10 23:43:46 UTC  

i thought i fixed this dudes 2015 chrysler 200 today

2017-04-10 23:43:50 UTC  

We're not going to able to avoid the state level surveillance entirely, I'll admit that. But we can cut off the connections to the corporate level and below.

2017-04-10 23:43:53 UTC  

abd it stalled in the middle of a 3 lane road

2017-04-10 23:44:20 UTC  

That sucks my friend

2017-04-10 23:44:22 UTC  

cops came and let us wait 10 mins till it cooled down and it magically droce fine with no codes

2017-04-10 23:44:24 UTC  

go figure

2017-04-10 23:44:30 UTC  

And state is what we need to worry about.

2017-04-10 23:44:49 UTC  

just dropped customer off and went home

2017-04-10 23:44:57 UTC  

figure it out tomorrow

2017-04-10 23:45:08 UTC  

All you can do is wait on that

2017-04-10 23:45:11 UTC  

Give it time. We'll win in the end. Kek willing.

2017-04-10 23:45:15 UTC  

See how it goes tomorrow

2017-04-10 23:45:21 UTC  

And of course we will win in time

2017-04-10 23:45:27 UTC  


2017-04-10 23:45:29 UTC  

The jews never win

2017-04-10 23:45:36 UTC  

i think it's a wiring harness issue idk

2017-04-10 23:45:36 UTC  

Literally ever.

2017-04-10 23:45:40 UTC  


2017-04-10 23:45:48 UTC  

i wasnt getting anything at any of the 4 coils

2017-04-10 23:45:54 UTC  

They always fail at some point.

2017-04-10 23:46:06 UTC

2017-04-10 23:46:28 UTC  

They get cocky and then we force their hand. They realise once the money burns, they burn too.

2017-04-10 23:46:42 UTC

2017-04-10 23:46:48 UTC  

Europa, what are your two cents on paganism

2017-04-10 23:49:18 UTC  

Well, I'm gonna go make some tacos. brb.

2017-04-10 23:50:03 UTC  

I dont think paganism is really around now and days but i do know some old folk who are close to being true pagans. I think now and days kids wanna be "pagan" cause it's edgy or coooOoOool like how being muslim is cool for women in america for some reason. I dont think we should have infighting on the grounds of religion ever because if someone in my opinion chooses to go to hell that is their choice through free will

2017-04-10 23:50:12 UTC  

pepe dump?

2017-04-10 23:51:19 UTC  

Isnt Kek a Pagan deitie?

2017-04-10 23:51:28 UTC  

Ok, I don't think Paganism has a place on Kekism or altright. I mean people can do what they want, but it seems too edgy.

2017-04-10 23:51:36 UTC  

But, i also wont say people will go to hell based on their religion because im not god and i dont have the right to say who goes where