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2018-11-05 02:19:00 UTC  

My main thing is carbs... a fuckin love rice n potatoes n bread

2018-11-05 02:19:08 UTC  

@Nip Crippler just lots of meat and veg

2018-11-05 02:19:10 UTC  

love a rice cake

2018-11-05 02:19:16 UTC  

there has literally been a study showing that cutting sugar has caused the obesity epidemic to get worse in the US

2018-11-05 02:19:21 UTC  

Love a wee tortilla wrap

2018-11-05 02:19:22 UTC  

@LmaoMoni even veggies have sugat

2018-11-05 02:19:31 UTC  

@Crawfoot so you set a time when to eat. I do 8 to 16 for 8 hours you eat what you want and for 16 hours you fast

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2018-11-05 02:19:35 UTC  

do you ever just eat plain wraps

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2018-11-05 02:19:45 UTC  

@sweatercowsandsass once you quit i promise youll not go back to en, they taste gross after you dont eat em for a bit

2018-11-05 02:20:21 UTC  

@Miri i've always been eating breakfast 7-8 am and then dinner at 17-18

2018-11-05 02:20:25 UTC  

I dont drink enough water either tbh

2018-11-05 02:20:33 UTC  

T's always moaning at me to drink more water

2018-11-05 02:20:37 UTC  
2018-11-05 02:20:46 UTC  

water is good makes me feel less hungry

2018-11-05 02:20:47 UTC  

@sweatercowsandsass look ill say this, its not easy but keep at it. What i do might not work for you but what ruger does or jim or mandy might. Just dont give up

2018-11-05 02:20:49 UTC  

proper hydration is big too

2018-11-05 02:21:01 UTC  

@Deleted User aye i can legit sit there and eat a wrap on its own aha

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2018-11-05 02:21:18 UTC  

Its heavy good

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2018-11-05 02:21:29 UTC  

@Crawfoot see there are periods in time where the body can't break down fats as easily

2018-11-05 02:21:31 UTC  

Tortilla wrap

2018-11-05 02:21:32 UTC  

is that like, a scottish durum?

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2018-11-05 02:21:36 UTC  

fad diets are kinda stupid because they make people focus on excluding certain shit, often to their detriment. plus you just need to follow the money and see what they're selling you. like WeightWatchers are literally just trying to sell you overpriced ready & instant meals.

2018-11-05 02:21:37 UTC  

i knew we had something in common nicolle

2018-11-05 02:21:39 UTC  

Like just the bread bit

2018-11-05 02:21:41 UTC  

just eat and drink what feels natural to you, and make sure energy out is higher than energy in

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2018-11-05 02:21:58 UTC  

it really is that simple

2018-11-05 02:22:08 UTC  

if i were rich, id be morbidly obese

2018-11-05 02:22:13 UTC  

@Jim aye i did them with my mum cause she wanted somebody to go with her. They worked for her, but she always goes off them after a couple months n goes back to eating shite

2018-11-05 02:22:16 UTC  

the energy in vs energy out is where people struggle

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2018-11-05 02:22:35 UTC  

same for me lmao, now i live at uni i've lost weight because i have to buy my own food @Crawfoot

2018-11-05 02:22:39 UTC  

Aye i need to up my physical activity defos, its just the motivation to do it i lack