Message from Mandy in Scale brigade #general

2018-11-05 21:28:49 UTC  

lots of black guys do things behind your back

2018-11-05 21:29:01 UTC  

He’s my man crush

2018-11-05 21:29:01 UTC  

Just behind him in general

2018-11-05 21:29:01 UTC  


2018-11-05 21:29:38 UTC  

@Rafael, o Louco I know I am

2018-11-05 21:29:44 UTC  

It's my black friends birthday. Tyrone is 20. I got him a family bucket from KFC and a gollywog doll

2018-11-05 21:29:55 UTC  

A true gamer you are

2018-11-05 21:29:59 UTC

2018-11-05 21:30:24 UTC  

I went to Whitby a few years back and they legit still had gollywog dolls knocking around in tourist shops

2018-11-05 21:30:32 UTC  

Guys. Is this meta?

2018-11-05 21:30:34 UTC  

Yo my oovoo javer is the guy who did my ptio

2018-11-05 21:30:35 UTC

2018-11-05 21:30:41 UTC  

If you’re a straight dude in s box with a bunch of bi women in the biggest one sided orgy ever, at what point does the gay outweigh the straight?

2018-11-05 21:30:45 UTC  

Wtf is this

2018-11-05 21:30:49 UTC  

There was a gollywog doll in my house while I was growing up, it always scared me.

2018-11-05 21:30:57 UTC  

shut up retard @Papa Bear

2018-11-05 21:30:59 UTC  

I had 2

2018-11-05 21:31:03 UTC  
2018-11-05 21:31:07 UTC  

well my maws

2018-11-05 21:31:09 UTC  

Fucking creepy things

2018-11-05 21:31:14 UTC  

i got a keychain of one lamow

2018-11-05 21:31:17 UTC  

@T e x you’ve asked this question yourself admit it!

2018-11-05 21:31:28 UTC

2018-11-05 21:31:42 UTC  

@Papa Bear I mean you can only fuck one woman at a time so it's straight on your part but in terms of proportionality, it's mostly gay.

2018-11-05 21:31:50 UTC  

@Mandy yaas mandooo scat

2018-11-05 21:31:50 UTC  

I mean you're never gay in that situation @Papa Bear

2018-11-05 21:32:01 UTC  

we get it, you like thicc black men 😂

2018-11-05 21:32:03 UTC  

heh cheers @Tea

2018-11-05 21:32:17 UTC  

lol it took one of my flatmates literally almost a minute to get through the door

2018-11-05 21:32:18 UTC  

nah eventually a rimjob is gonna turn into a sneaky finger and slide into pegging @Concorbar

2018-11-05 21:32:21 UTC  

The metasituation is definitely gay tho

2018-11-05 21:32:27 UTC  

man was not meant to have so much hedonism available

2018-11-05 21:32:27 UTC  

pegging rofl

2018-11-05 21:32:33 UTC  

Only one thicc black man

2018-11-05 21:32:36 UTC  

@Pirate wrong

2018-11-05 21:32:51 UTC  

I mean, I'd suck a dick

2018-11-05 21:32:55 UTC  

@Ninjaplusplus they're talking about pegging thought you might have some valuable input

2018-11-05 21:33:11 UTC  


2018-11-05 21:33:14 UTC  

@coattailsandbowties wow just throw dude under the bus why dont ya

2018-11-05 21:33:16 UTC  

Pegging is enjoyable

2018-11-05 21:33:17 UTC  

you have sucked a dick tho