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2018-11-15 22:53:17 UTC  

How is he getting signal in Monifieth is the real question.

2018-11-15 22:53:28 UTC  

he just need to gets the UK's deadliest debt collectors

2018-11-15 22:53:44 UTC  

heh marry christmas @sweatercowsandsass ....... i hadnt heard from you yet so i just assumed you didnt open it yet

2018-11-15 22:53:48 UTC  

@Steve2 mate i really dunno

2018-11-15 22:54:19 UTC  

@YeetshirtNinja no nigga i fuckin opened it the minute it came, you havent heard from me yet cause i've been playing it πŸ˜‚

2018-11-15 22:54:48 UTC  

lmao why am i not surprised..... hope you enjoy a different taste of the west than me now lel

2018-11-15 22:54:55 UTC  

Aw ffs stfu

2018-11-15 22:54:57 UTC  

howdy partner

2018-11-15 22:54:58 UTC  

Not in general

2018-11-15 22:55:02 UTC  

Yo yo yo my negros

2018-11-15 22:55:08 UTC  

sup dub

2018-11-15 22:55:12 UTC  

@Jim Oh Jim, that’s cruel. *I love it.*

2018-11-15 22:55:17 UTC  

Jk they’re aren’t any blacks here

2018-11-15 22:55:25 UTC  

@YeetshirtNinja πŸ‘ˆπŸŒšπŸ‘ˆ

2018-11-15 22:55:30 UTC  

But yes so far I am enjoying my RDR2 journey, you must only call me partner or cowboy from now on

2018-11-15 22:55:34 UTC  

there are just not many moon crickets on atm

2018-11-15 22:55:35 UTC  

well this died a quick death on twitch

2018-11-15 22:55:41 UTC

2018-11-15 22:55:42 UTC  

@YeetshirtNinja is the biggest nigger

2018-11-15 22:55:47 UTC  

Nice cat dude

2018-11-15 22:55:50 UTC  

@Arabman123 can i stroke your pussy?

2018-11-15 22:55:53 UTC  


2018-11-15 22:56:03 UTC  

thats the biggest nigger

2018-11-15 22:56:07 UTC  

Is her name Smokey?

2018-11-15 22:56:10 UTC  
2018-11-15 22:56:13 UTC  

@sweatercowsandsass hey there partner

2018-11-15 22:56:19 UTC  

Mate BFV with so little people lol.

2018-11-15 22:56:20 UTC  

I would’ve named it Smokey

2018-11-15 22:56:30 UTC  

You'd think more hype for a BF game lol.

2018-11-15 22:56:36 UTC  


2018-11-15 22:56:37 UTC  

how much you cost @sweatercowsandsass ? i know youve come to that part in the game

2018-11-15 22:56:40 UTC  

i just dont care about the new battlefield

2018-11-15 22:56:52 UTC  

nobody does

2018-11-15 22:56:56 UTC  

I think it’s a reason of bf1

2018-11-15 22:57:03 UTC  


2018-11-15 22:57:12 UTC  

they made it clear they don't like their fans and not to buy their game if you don't support their politics

2018-11-15 22:57:14 UTC  

@YeetshirtNinja sure know how to talk to a lady

2018-11-15 22:57:15 UTC  

so people didn't

2018-11-15 22:57:20 UTC  

they went with cod instead

2018-11-15 22:57:23 UTC  

lmao that game is great

2018-11-15 22:57:31 UTC