Message from Cœur de Lion in Anticom #general

2017-02-06 23:23:51 UTC  

But you could see it's the actual account

2017-02-06 23:23:57 UTC  

Stop being such a fucking pansy.

2017-02-06 23:24:04 UTC  

I am a bit of a pansy

2017-02-06 23:24:35 UTC  

Besides, things are better if they're written down

2017-02-06 23:25:00 UTC  

Give us not a reason to report you to the mods.

2017-02-06 23:25:14 UTC  

just fyi how are you going to go out in public without your face covered if you're scared of talking in an anon voice chat?

2017-02-06 23:25:28 UTC  

I'm not going out in public though

2017-02-06 23:25:51 UTC  

I didn't actually think anyone here was, but apparently you are

2017-02-06 23:26:00 UTC  

I mean surely everyone here is spread out across the country

2017-02-06 23:26:08 UTC  

Yo you guys mind if you join voice

2017-02-06 23:26:24 UTC  

And out of the people in a certain radius of an Antifa protest, not all would be willing to go

2017-02-06 23:26:25 UTC  

It's better if you join voice.

2017-02-06 23:26:27 UTC  


2017-02-06 23:26:29 UTC  

yes people are spread out but just like anifa ppl will organize in to local groups

2017-02-06 23:26:46 UTC  

I used our milder colors for this one

2017-02-06 23:26:50 UTC  

Hmm okay, but this group isn't nearly ready for anything yet

2017-02-06 23:27:00 UTC  

The current one is fine

2017-02-06 23:27:05 UTC  

Not with that additude, faggot.

2017-02-06 23:27:38 UTC  

Alright fine, I mean I'd prefer you to be ready for something, but at most only I'd say 10 of the people on this group would go to one counter-protest

2017-02-06 23:27:53 UTC  

20 would be enough I suppose

2017-02-06 23:28:17 UTC  

the group has only been up for about 2 days, jeez rome wasn't built in a day

2017-02-06 23:28:49 UTC  

Why are you even here?

2017-02-06 23:29:13 UTC  

Because I wanted to coordinate something with the group

2017-02-06 23:29:19 UTC  

Namely this

2017-02-06 23:29:39 UTC  

We merge VoL, the Minutemen and Anticom into one parent group called the Trinity Network

2017-02-06 23:30:04 UTC  


2017-02-06 23:30:10 UTC  

The Edgework

2017-02-06 23:30:11 UTC  
2017-02-06 23:30:29 UTC  

Doesn't look bad right

2017-02-06 23:30:36 UTC  

@Minutemen PM the Admin about this

2017-02-06 23:30:39 UTC  

Nobody would use the name Trinity Network in public though

2017-02-06 23:30:46 UTC  

It would be kinda like Alphabet

2017-02-06 23:30:53 UTC  

You can hardly organize yourselves. We don't need your faggy network, especially if you can't even prove that you're part of the minutemen while obsessively not wanting to use voice.

2017-02-06 23:30:55 UTC  

you'll be at the head of course, right?

2017-02-06 23:31:05 UTC  

It's not my network

2017-02-06 23:31:10 UTC  

Then fuck off.

2017-02-06 23:31:16 UTC  

you'll be the head, right minute man?

2017-02-06 23:31:18 UTC  


2017-02-06 23:31:22 UTC  


2017-02-06 23:31:22 UTC  

I already told you VoL is not getting merged

2017-02-06 23:31:25 UTC