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I collected on site, "The Socialist Alternative" is the big player here, Kshama Sawant is apart of this organization and is a councilwoman in the city.

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In a week(ish)

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and also which channel would AZ belong under? would it be west coast?

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There were others, a supposed "grandplan" though it might be defunct at this point.

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One thing we should have on the site is a stockpile of well thought out and organized arguments to reference to when debating communists and the like.

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^^ agree

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That would be useful

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we can worry about that shit in the closed forums

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Lemme grab some of the shit, see if the links are still valid

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We should also critique and be critical of our arguments so that we can strengthen them.

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right now tbh we should honestly just be worrying about spreading this shit on social media and everything.

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i'll be honest, with the flyers, i'm kind of stumped as to what to even attempt

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cant we just meme it into power?

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We can define our group once we have a space to properly do so.

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worrying as in "not spreading" or worrying as in "spread everywhere'?

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spread fucking everywhere

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strength in numbers mate

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like aids in blacks we will be everywhere

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I think I know where antifa plans most of their shit

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owait, I've got pics on here.

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Mengele Chan

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We should wait for the site to be up and for com networks to be est before we start to really attract people.

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Why did they make Trump a gook in that picture

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We have a mole inside various Antifa chats right now collecting personal info and detailing their strategy.

2017-02-06 05:59:14 UTC  

they plan their shit out in Soro's cuck shack

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Which one lol

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@Odalist Refrain we should have multiple.

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He has alot of cucktanks

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I know of at least one. And he has got some shit, let me tell you.

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This paper is a load of shit though

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@OneLessRed - TN that's why I was asking for clarification on the "spreading" message

2017-02-06 06:00:23 UTC  

i like to read the responses to our twitter just cause its antifa faggs bitching

2017-02-06 06:00:45 UTC  

@Wrathsalts i'll try something like that later, thanks.

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@Bluesy did you see that SS 1488 guy

2017-02-06 06:01:16 UTC  

i dont believe so