Message from Captain Foley in Anticom #general

2017-02-07 05:25:54 UTC  

Win the war in the east in 2 weeks.

2017-02-07 05:27:02 UTC  

please believe me!! people use the word optics in politics

2017-02-07 05:27:20 UTC  

twitter is a very important tool for anarchist communication

2017-02-07 05:27:24 UTC  
2017-02-07 05:32:45 UTC  

Omfg yass

2017-02-07 05:33:13 UTC  

Anyone hav ehte pic of Hitler drunk with the chicks tits hanging out?

2017-02-07 05:39:48 UTC  

that's enough shilling for my jewtube 4 now

2017-02-07 05:39:56 UTC  

that and I'm out of content

2017-02-07 05:41:55 UTC

2017-02-07 05:42:19 UTC  


2017-02-07 05:42:39 UTC  

I'm going to shill my youtube channel as well
sorry not sorry

2017-02-07 05:42:52 UTC  

fuck off

2017-02-07 05:43:01 UTC  

I made this video with goebbels voice over trump's tv advert lol

2017-02-07 05:43:06 UTC  

it's preddy gud

2017-02-07 05:43:13 UTC  

>preddy shit

2017-02-07 05:43:47 UTC

2017-02-07 05:45:08 UTC  

War's profitable in the sense of American WW2 production and industry.

2017-02-07 05:45:39 UTC  

modern day war especially is not profitable

2017-02-07 05:45:48 UTC  

Not on a large scale, no

2017-02-07 05:46:01 UTC  

It's more just to maintain arms companies for the eventual big war

2017-02-07 05:46:03 UTC  

each time you spend trillions to bomb middle eastern countries

2017-02-07 05:46:10 UTC  

it inflates the debt

2017-02-07 05:46:18 UTC  

i dont know when we'll crash but itll crash one day

2017-02-07 05:46:41 UTC  

The economy will be saved by what saved it last time: Another big war

2017-02-07 05:46:49 UTC  

Hopefully just one that makes sense.

2017-02-07 05:47:16 UTC  

it'd be better for the CIA to not create terorrist countries though and make us fight in the middle east if we want oil

2017-02-07 05:47:19 UTC  

just let fracking happen

2017-02-07 05:47:36 UTC  

also witholding money for oil from the middle east would defund terrorism

2017-02-07 05:47:45 UTC  

American interests can't allow the Middle East to prosper

2017-02-07 05:48:24 UTC  

ISIS is a tool, the proxy war will never again, the Iraqi Security Forces and Afghans are made purposely incompetent

2017-02-07 05:48:30 UTC  

never end*

2017-02-07 05:49:02 UTC  


2017-02-07 05:49:16 UTC  

its good that trump is just going to let putin fuck with syria

2017-02-07 05:49:21 UTC  

instead of us

2017-02-07 05:49:35 UTC  

At least the Russians gave the SAA hope.