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2020-01-03 02:39:44 UTC  

Though I understand your indifference to it.

2020-01-03 09:33:34 UTC  

@Chief Rocket Designer because strength was a proxy for ability to defend or acquire resources.

2020-01-03 16:47:49 UTC  


2020-01-03 21:04:58 UTC  

Friendly reminder that rejecting your desires is the best way to become stronger

2020-01-03 21:05:13 UTC  

I’m gonna do lent this year. What desire should i give up?

2020-01-03 21:06:33 UTC  

Food or Video games are my current desires

2020-01-03 21:07:01 UTC  

I’m already trying to get rid of other desires like porn because porn is Jewish.

2020-01-04 00:04:48 UTC  

@Ater Votum Political Power is not derivived form how much you can lift dumbass

2020-01-04 00:16:14 UTC  

Political Power comes from the barrel of the gun, point of the spear or the edge of the sword and political power is Sovereignty. Only the Sovereign can be, or are, free.

2020-01-04 00:28:04 UTC  

your delusional

2020-01-04 00:38:20 UTC  

I just can't stand it when people say "your" instead of '"you're"

2020-01-04 00:39:49 UTC  

I know about it, I just don't give a damn

2020-01-04 00:42:00 UTC  

All accusations of delusion are just forms of gossip and shaming in order to obscure pursuit of political power without earning it through market means.

2020-01-04 00:42:44 UTC  


2020-01-04 00:43:05 UTC  

I just don't want to debate a dumbass who thinks the best person for politics is who can lift the most

2020-01-04 00:48:23 UTC  

No? Only Those who deem themselves fit to rule must not only master the great contemporary debates of their time but must have a deep understanding of the conflicting political hagiographies, wedge points and sacred cows.

2020-01-04 00:49:06 UTC  

sacred cows?

2020-01-04 00:49:09 UTC  


2020-01-05 18:04:45 UTC  

I'm not fat and hungry so I don't think I'll watch.

2020-01-05 18:05:39 UTC  


2020-01-05 21:28:49 UTC  

That's a great channel.

2020-01-06 19:55:23 UTC  

very interesting tracking system

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2020-01-07 15:00:50 UTC  

bringing to light the psychological rather than health benefits of cold showers

2020-01-07 15:01:21 UTC  

I don't care because I know you will follow none of it.

2020-01-07 15:15:20 UTC  

nice projecting bro

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2020-01-07 15:22:06 UTC  

You're talking about overcoming things to better yourself but there's a difference between overcoming challenges that appear in your path and intentionally putting yourself in the path of challenges or hardship.

2020-01-07 15:22:19 UTC  

That's what an idiot does.

2020-01-07 15:23:52 UTC  

Simply a masochist.

2020-01-07 15:31:25 UTC

2020-01-07 15:36:48 UTC  

votum is right though

2020-01-07 15:37:13 UTC  

Overcome real hardships in your life, not made up ones

2020-01-07 15:39:09 UTC  

@Pseudo-Analysist not what i said, making urself look even more like an idiot.

2020-01-07 15:39:38 UTC