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rip tortle

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I wouldn't spread that around.

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@James_Coney - LA Literally gonna alienate half our draw with shit like that.

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Corporatism is the superior economic system

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Corporations lead to corruption, any society which bases it's success or failure off the numerical values it decides to maximize has forgotten it's way.

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@Odalist Refrain With the Nu pol/ True Pol meme?

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I can see a wave of sperg coming oer the horizon.

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Not corporate capitalism

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If I was in timmys shoes I would have every member in antifa catch colon cancer and aids.

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@gort Please explain.

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Oh this is gonna take a sec

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@Chancellor What do you mean by "forgotten it's ways"?

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We obsess in a post napoleonic system only with numbers, how many people have how much in only a materialistic obsession.
We try to maximize happiness by maximizing things, by producing more product and by making more people buy these products.

Capitalism and socialism both live on numbers, numbers which unless you somehow manage to enjoy empty and blind hedonism are nothing more than a scoreboard.

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So it's the economic system used by Mussolini and most other fascist countries. Basically, major corporations are nationalized based on necessity, but private business it still allowed. The national corporations are organized into a syndicalism system, putting the syndicates in charge of the means of production

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It was proven very effective in the countries it was used

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It's also meant to be anti materialistic, a core part of fascist thought

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This is changing the covers without addressing the issues underneath.
Eventually it will fall to corruption as corruption is inherent in human spirit.

Syndicalism and corporatism are materialist, they can be utilized for other reasons but they are not a complete ideology or notably much better than capitalism or socialism.

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Don't misgender fascism

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You're a Debby downer

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Lets be honest here.

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communist be like

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"i dont believe in property"

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"you stole land from the native americans"

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The only reason one strives to create a society like what Hitler strived for is to secure at least one generation of prosperity for their children. Anything else is an insecure pipe-dream.

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