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2020-01-04 02:12:41 UTC  

If you wanna offload all the blame onto the jews then you have no sense of nuance

2020-01-04 02:12:49 UTC  

@Deleted User so was King David and his line an ambassator of satan?

2020-01-04 02:13:10 UTC  

Idiot answer me

2020-01-04 02:13:18 UTC  

Lets be honest, It’s just race. In homogenous polities it is class. In heterogenous polities it is race. The experiment is over. Democracy lost. National Socialism (fascism) won.

2020-01-04 02:13:19 UTC  

That’s the wrong version

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2020-01-04 02:13:31 UTC  

KJV is the only real version

2020-01-04 02:13:45 UTC  

Don't dodge

2020-01-04 02:13:51 UTC  

@Deleted User so was King David and his line an ambassator of satan?

2020-01-04 02:13:56 UTC

2020-01-04 02:13:56 UTC  

stop being an intellectual coward

2020-01-04 02:14:12 UTC  

basically the same thing

2020-01-04 02:14:19 UTC  

and answer me

2020-01-04 02:14:27 UTC  

m8 that doesn;t say anything about the actual jews being satanic

2020-01-04 02:14:31 UTC  

I am not educated upon King David enough to understand it.

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“Synagogue of satan”

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are you an idiot

2020-01-04 02:15:02 UTC  

@Deleted User read the next 5 words

2020-01-04 02:15:04 UTC  

You disdain me for admitting a truth of myself

2020-01-04 02:15:12 UTC  

you are being intentionally obtuse are you not?

2020-01-04 02:15:24 UTC  

If i do not comprehend something enough i will not pretend as if i do.

2020-01-04 02:15:33 UTC  

@Deleted User King David was the king of Israel choses by God

2020-01-04 02:15:38 UTC  

fucking idiot

2020-01-04 02:15:49 UTC  

read your damn bible you illitereate fool

2020-01-04 02:15:51 UTC  

Ngl Mormons are cool

2020-01-04 02:15:53 UTC  

You are being egotistical

2020-01-04 02:15:58 UTC  

Fine i am

2020-01-04 02:16:01 UTC  

because your a fool

2020-01-04 02:16:12 UTC  

In any case, the topic of it was that Jews are of satan, and no more.

2020-01-04 02:16:15 UTC  

Mormons are kinda crazy but I'm down with polygamy

2020-01-04 02:16:16 UTC  

Fuckin hell

2020-01-04 02:16:26 UTC  

@Deleted User these jesus was of satan under your logic

2020-01-04 02:16:37 UTC  

since he was a Jew, by the line of David who was chosen by God

2020-01-04 02:16:39 UTC  

Upon when Jews were denied the covenant they wished to destroy Christians, and nothing mote.

2020-01-04 02:16:53 UTC  

Then Jesus was denied the coveneant

2020-01-04 02:16:56 UTC  

I am speaking of Religious Jews, not ethnic.

2020-01-04 02:16:58 UTC  

mongolite is either mentally ill and projecting or mentally ill and trolling.