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I think some of you have seen the quotes from the AntiFa tranny I was talking to

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AntiFa does everything people hate fascism for doing. Everything they do has multiple levels of irony to it.

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I think what we also can create a channel for offtop

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This channel is offtop

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Lol ok

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ScYx17 - Today at 1:03 AM
you're white
Rasenemus - Today at 1:06 AM
I'm Biafran, black
Why would you say I'm white?
ScYx17 - Today at 1:07 AM
no ur not
and on top of that
i dont have to be tolerant
towards people
with intolerant views
that's the entire point

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Organising is done in region chat

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Rasenemus - Today at 1:08 AM
Aren't you being intolerant by being intolerant to things you find intolerant?
ScYx17 - Today at 1:08 AM
no you can't be intolerant of intolerant people
just like u can't assault someone who is already assaulting you
it's defense
killing a nazi is prevention"

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Those are the types of people you're dealing with

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Mental gymnastics

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As fuck

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I could strangle the life out of that twig

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Leftists are literally evil

2017-02-03 18:46:16 UTC  

Don't feel a pity to them

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they have brain damage

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Show no mercy, you won't be given any

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I'd be inclined to agree, Rhodesia, but the thing is, that's their ideology

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They're will don't give a mercy to us

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Remember guys, we're basically black Panther but not retarded

2017-02-03 18:47:01 UTC  

they know what they are doing

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Stand around protests while armed and minding your own business

2017-02-03 18:47:27 UTC  

We are nazi for them

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Well we're white so that goes without saying

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When attacked do not retaliate unless your life is in danger

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We really need to avoid killing them though

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Ironically, "she's" white too

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Only kill if its absolutly last resort to save someone's life.

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Actually, she does have that (((nose)))

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Of cource

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They beat a man almost to death, at berkeley that should be a wake up call.

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Trivia: She was a pro-League of Legends player

2017-02-03 18:48:30 UTC  

no mercy

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I'm a halfie, but I believe the autistic white guilt shit needs to stop

2017-02-03 18:48:34 UTC  

They don't understand "tolerance"

2017-02-03 18:48:44 UTC  

We don't want to kill someone. But they are often wants to kill us

2017-02-03 18:48:49 UTC  

My white liberal friends believe white genocide isn't happening