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2017-03-09 05:34:27 UTC  

b-b-but senpai, flagpole is innocent prop

2017-03-09 05:34:39 UTC  

i'm not the kind of person that's going to kill someone "just because i can get away with it"

2017-03-09 05:34:51 UTC  

>not using rebar "flagpoles"

2017-03-09 05:34:51 UTC  

Once employed as a weapon it is no longer prop

2017-03-09 05:35:02 UTC  

And its noit to get away with it

2017-03-09 05:35:04 UTC  

>Not using medivel longswords

2017-03-09 05:35:08 UTC  

Its because your life is in danger

2017-03-09 05:35:28 UTC  

>tfw you have a sword for the express purpose of civic duty

2017-03-09 05:35:30 UTC  

riots are not a place for murder. but self defence at home should always be shoot to kill

2017-03-09 05:35:34 UTC  

What about the fact that it wasn't brought to be used as a weapon? @Burnside

2017-03-09 05:35:34 UTC  

so you dont get sued

2017-03-09 05:35:36 UTC  

>Not taking a Greatsword to a antifa gathering

2017-03-09 05:35:39 UTC  

Again, i have the discipline to know when to shoot and when to relax

2017-03-09 05:35:48 UTC  

No you dont

2017-03-09 05:35:51 UTC  

Yes i do

2017-03-09 05:35:53 UTC  

would bear macing ANTIFA be acceptable

2017-03-09 05:35:58 UTC  


2017-03-09 05:35:59 UTC  

Remain diciplined when Tyrone runs at you with a knife

2017-03-09 05:36:03 UTC  

Good luck

2017-03-09 05:36:07 UTC  

@asdfgasdfgasdfaoklk shooting to kill is not self defence

2017-03-09 05:36:07 UTC  
2017-03-09 05:36:19 UTC  

>Not taking a Buster Sword to ANTIFA rally

What a bunch of autistic fags

2017-03-09 05:36:22 UTC  

Yea. Thats the smart thing to do. I'll pull the gun, and if he doesn't back off that moment, i'm firing

2017-03-09 05:36:23 UTC  

blade, spiked, projectile weapons are blatant intent to kill in some situations

2017-03-09 05:36:24 UTC  

tbh lads read your local laws. Discussing this in general is a waste of time.

2017-03-09 05:36:31 UTC  

its not like i'm gonna wave it around and never use it

2017-03-09 05:36:37 UTC  

I'm non violent until some faggot tries to kill me. If you are from a martial arts background you know how easy it is for an "unarmed" person to leave you either dead or retarded. All it takes is somebody to push you into a wall head first

2017-03-09 05:36:47 UTC  


2017-03-09 05:36:55 UTC  

it is a means of self defence

2017-03-09 05:37:02 UTC  


2017-03-09 05:37:05 UTC  

if "life is threated"

2017-03-09 05:37:21 UTC  

Burnside is %100 trolling

2017-03-09 05:37:22 UTC  

If somebodh dies because you defended yourself that's fine

2017-03-09 05:37:23 UTC  

>driving your tank to the protest and firing on the communists because you have to be a person to be protected by the NAP

2017-03-09 05:37:23 UTC  

The gun drawn is my warning shot. If they don't back off and keep at me, they're getting shot. It's unecessary to waste ammunition on them if they took the hint and fucked off once it was drawn

2017-03-09 05:37:41 UTC  

If you kill them on purpose it becomes murder

2017-03-09 05:37:41 UTC  

on house property its easier to get away with it legaly than it is on the street unless theres more than a few people and a few fists

2017-03-09 05:37:50 UTC  

You cant warn

2017-03-09 05:37:51 UTC  

and seriously, most Dindus fuck off when they see a gun

2017-03-09 05:37:52 UTC  

Never say 'i shot to kill'