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>I had gone into Oklahoma to track down and correlate one of the many ghost tales which were current among the white settlers, but which had strong Indian corroboration, and—I felt sure—an ultimate Indian source. They were very curious, these open-air ghost tales; and though they sounded flat and prosaic in the mouths of the white people, they had earmarks of linkage with some of the richest and obscurest phases of native mythology. All of them were woven around the vast, lonely, artificial-looking mounds in the western part of the state, and all of them involved apparitions of exceedingly strange aspect and equipment.

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im finna go read that

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Native American mining[edit]
Native Americans were the first to mine and work the copper of Lake Superior and the Keweenaw Peninsula of northern Michigan between 5000 BCE and 1200 BCE. The natives used this copper to produce tools. Archaeological expeditions in the Keweenaw Peninsula and Isle Royale revealed the existence of copper producing pits and hammering stones which were used to work the copper.[3] Some writers have suggested that as much as 1.5 billion pounds of copper was extracted during this period, but some archaeologists consider such high figures as "ill-constructed estimates" and that the actual figure is unknown.[4]

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Cubans vote red because they know what it feels like to get lied to and tricked by leftists.

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@gabe_brouse we're talking about it in

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well thanks doctor piss, that is super interesting. usually just spend time on /pol/ to fuck around, almost never learn something new

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also guys if you have good vids of antifa being antifa, especially where they threaten to steal or smash cameras

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please message them to me

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i am spending my whole weekend compiling a 3 minute supercut of these events, along with them assaulting people

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it'll be hate porn

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rage porn actually

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i'm looking for, in specific, this one clip where the antifaggot is counting down from 30 seconds before he "takes someones phone"

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i cant fucking find it

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it's pre berkeley maybe from the nyu protest

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The Spanish and Portuguese did like 90% of the slave trading.

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hey btw

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jews & portuguese^

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But blacks blame white Americans for everything.

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its china thats funding antifa

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not soros

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probably him as well

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8ch is slow

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but good content

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4chan has an annoying amount of filler shitposts

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Hey @DoctorPiss one of my contacts would like to join

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he's a /baph/ole

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found the shill^^^

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share this invite with the baphole

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feel free to use invites you make yourself too

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someone b& the cuck

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i think everyone can do it

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man im immune to cuckposting now