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i actually started getting redpilled when i started wathcing hitlers speeches for jokes

Juan Rico 2017-05-23 18:54:29


JarJarBinx 2017-05-23 18:54:31


JarJarBinx 2017-05-23 18:54:33


then my stages began

they were jsut following orders

JarJarBinx 2017-05-23 18:54:50

SNL turning full retard redpilled me too

JarJarBinx 2017-05-23 18:54:52

used to like it

JarJarBinx 2017-05-23 18:54:56

then it went retard

Europa 2017-05-23 18:54:57

I loved hitler speeches. He was a beautiful speaker

they were defending their country agaisnjt the soviets

JarJarBinx 2017-05-23 18:55:06

Hitler wasnt bad at all

the jews undermined their society

Juan Rico 2017-05-23 18:55:07


Juan Rico 2017-05-23 18:55:09


JarJarBinx 2017-05-23 18:55:13


I_RUN_DEBAIN_STRETCH 2017-05-23 18:55:18

Juan Rico 2017-05-23 18:55:27


Juan Rico 2017-05-23 18:55:28


Juan Rico 2017-05-23 18:55:29


Europa 2017-05-23 18:55:30

I grew up with my dad watching hitler speeches and ww2 documentaries almost every day since i was a kid

Juan Rico 2017-05-23 18:55:30


Juan Rico 2017-05-23 18:55:33

6 Gorillian

Juan Rico 2017-05-23 18:55:34


my dad was a skinhead

Europa 2017-05-23 18:55:55

In my family you werent allowed to date blacks nor were you allowed to be a faggot

so was my grandpa

JarJarBinx 2017-05-23 18:56:03

same with mine

JarJarBinx 2017-05-23 18:56:05

no niggers

my grandma wanted me to date an asian for the sushi lmao

JarJarBinx 2017-05-23 18:56:22


I_RUN_DEBAIN_STRETCH 2017-05-23 18:56:53

My aunt dated a nigger. He bought her a frying pan for her birthday and then went to prison for murder. That's all I remember of that.

Europa 2017-05-23 18:56:54

Kek did you?

JarJarBinx 2017-05-23 18:56:55

I used to not care about blacks/whites dating, but after redpill, i fucking cant stand looking at them

@JarJarBinx my blood boils

Europa 2017-05-23 18:57:18

It sounded like a good plan. Sushi is the shit and if it's nothing serious fuck it. Asians are pretty hot

its always blonde women too

JarJarBinx 2017-05-23 18:57:26

mixed kids are so pre 2010

Europa 2017-05-23 18:57:33

Yea i hate blacks with whites