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2017-02-22 03:36:09 UTC  

The far right or centre right track have the best utilitarian value @Iamawesom

2017-02-22 03:36:44 UTC  

here ill put it up

2017-02-22 03:38:01 UTC  

can't watch at the moment, will look at it in a bit

2017-02-22 03:38:23 UTC  


2017-02-22 03:40:52 UTC

2017-02-22 03:41:16 UTC  

Somebody make a spanish version of this

2017-02-22 03:41:24 UTC  


2017-02-22 03:41:29 UTC  

Basically a necessity?

2017-02-22 03:41:44 UTC  

necessity for what?

2017-02-22 03:42:03 UTC  

Well, it's targetted at illegals.

2017-02-22 03:42:08 UTC  

A fair amount don't speak english.

2017-02-22 03:43:11 UTC  

Yes, illegals either are hard of speaking in english or don't at all

2017-02-22 03:43:11 UTC

2017-02-22 03:43:13 UTC  

mfw tricking illegals

2017-02-22 03:43:42 UTC  

That's dumb.

2017-02-22 03:44:01 UTC  

You should make spanish translations really offensive and get groups who don't speak spanish to spread them around.

2017-02-22 03:44:07 UTC

2017-02-22 03:44:27 UTC  

Awoo girl is a good girl.

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2017-02-22 03:44:33 UTC  

When you trick illegals into getting deported through an eidited flyer

2017-02-22 03:45:31 UTC  

but who is behind all this?

2017-02-22 03:46:00 UTC  

The Japs.

2017-02-22 03:46:05 UTC  

delet this

2017-02-22 03:46:54 UTC  

anime is a plot to break us.

2017-02-22 03:47:25 UTC  

Thats why I only watch hentai

2017-02-22 03:53:33 UTC  

Ayo thas a pretty kewl video fampai

2017-02-22 03:53:42 UTC  

Generation Kill/10

2017-02-22 03:55:31 UTC  

no shit? thank you

2017-02-22 03:55:44 UTC  

that was 50% my footage and the rest from fellow platoon members

2017-02-22 03:57:29 UTC  

That's personal footage?

2017-02-22 03:58:34 UTC  

Would you say that war was fun?

2017-02-22 03:59:53 UTC  

I feel like the video helps you understand a little bit of what it must have been like to be at war.

2017-02-22 03:59:59 UTC  

I don't want to say "that looks fun" about war but footage of it makes me want to go there and do that

2017-02-22 04:00:06 UTC  

I would say its pretty good.

2017-02-22 04:01:20 UTC  

There's an instinct in humanity to want to kill, burn destroy and wage war. We should confront this.

2017-02-22 04:01:33 UTC  

"It is well that war is so terrible, or else we would never grow tired of it."

2017-02-22 04:03:18 UTC  

Carton De Wiart wrote a book called "Happy Odyssey"

2017-02-22 04:03:23 UTC  

I don't know. I mean yeah I feel the same urge, but my ideal life would be completely free of any sort of war.

2017-02-22 04:03:33 UTC  

It was about all the wars he'd been in

2017-02-22 04:04:03 UTC  

From like 1899-1945