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thought you'd like

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already seen it

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this is the thanks i get?

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it's nice

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next one will be degenerate pone

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just 5 u

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That evropa one is great

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betchu would like this one then @Sigurd88

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🆙 | **ACTUAL NASI leveled up!**

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Nigger not concurs praise kek

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>Go to cellar in some restaurant because owner invited me and friends.

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Didn't Spencer deny the Holodomor?

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>random jew also there

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>Speaks romanian like an illiterate, loud, obnoxious and bothers everyone

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>My father survived the death trains

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>Antonescu was such a retard haha glad they executed him

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Can they literally talk about nothing else like God damn.

Lynch him

Why does every jew have a family member that survived thr holocaus tho

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why were there more jews after the war if 6 gorillion were killed?

Where tf did those 6 million come from anyway

Last time i checked there were no 6 mil in europe

Not the first time jews cry about 6million

During Roman empire they cried during ww1 they cried ww2 they cried

Whenever whitey gets tribal kikes get mad

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The Polish government actually added like 4 million extra as an attempt to get more sympathy for Poland after the war but it ended up inflating the muh shoah skypes

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I meant the Ukrainian holodomor.

Yes spencer denied it

Denies an actuall comfirmed event which is explained by the bad infrastructure etc with plenty of proof to back it up

does not deny a rumor that has many weird dead ends

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His face