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check this shit out like how is this possible on mars?

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so your joodar is going off hardcore about net neutrality but you don't know why? let me break it down for you in one sentence....
>net neutrality takes the ability to censor the internet out of the hands of cable and telecommunications companies, and places that ability squarely in the hands of the US government
got it? does that make it clear enough for you? that's why all of these globalists and lefties are pushing for it.

since the internets inception and its proliferation to the masses, IT HAS NOT BEEN CENSORED because big communications companies HAVE TO ANSWER TO THE FREE MARKET!

that's why we have wikileaks. that's why we have infowars. that's why we have 4chan. BECAUSE MOST PEOPLE ARE NOT GOING TO BUY INTERNET FROM SOMEBODY WHO TELLS THEM WHAT THEY CAN AND CANNOT SEE.

the GOVERNMENT does not have to answer to any such market. big brother can do whatever they want and if this policy becomes law then it might not happen today, or tomorrow, but eventually all of the "redpill" websites like this one and ESPECIALLY people publishing content like wikileaks will be GONE! they will be deemed "treasonous", or "an attack on US sovereignty" and the government will censor them.

just believe them! just believe the government! nobody is

remember in october when obama handed off control of our internet to the UN? this is all a part of that same process. in that meeting, he decried a "wild wild west of information" that needed to be literally censored with a "truthiness test" to stop what he deemed as, for example, incorrect opinions about global warming.


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one of the guys pushing for this with his foundations

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that's all the links i found

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tens of millions in over half a dozen foundations he started

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rothschild foundation connection, far leftist campaign-donating foundations too

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direct ties to globalist financial elite

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as in he is one

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shia labeouf got trolled so hard that ______________.

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Shia is such a fruitloop that I'd almost believe he was preparing for a movie role. Triggering the /pol/ hornets nest to see what they were really like and now getting arrested while shouting racist abuse.

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Is this new net bill being pushed by ZOG then?

So this is a choice we need to make now..?

Either hand it to jews on a silver platter

Or hand it to rich mofos who want more power but still answer ultimatly to jews

Either choice is bad

since the govt will controll the internet this means they can censor ANYTHING during elections

lets just say this was put in place before the elections

They could just censor everything about hillary

and no one would notice

i'd rather give it to team cable rather than hook nose mc'gee

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damn redpill

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Canada is so cucked

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Sweden of the west

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trudeau needs to be stopped

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i say trump nukes canada