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1 hour mark. Sars employee Paid 2.5 million per year to sit around and read newspapers,on top of that bonus were paid aswell.

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ta gonzo

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We are being ruled by fvking idiots... *Queue alex Jones meldown except replace south american walruses for South African mental retards*

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So a few of you have asked why as a Scot I don't support Scottish Independence. Here is an article published in my church's magazine at the time which gives 4 reasons why we were opposed to it:

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And here is a link to the Solemn League and Covenant which was a covenant drawn up by the protestants of England and Scotland to work for the reformation of religion in both nations and in Ireland. This is one of the foundational documents of Scottish Presbyterianism and why we see ourselves as part of a united kingdom, bonded by kinship and religion and believe that the Lord united these nations for His glory and our good:

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couldn't watch that

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2 died hey?

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was kind of scary ya.

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"o hierdie gaan bad wees"

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the audio freaked me out so I bailed

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bit of a snuff film

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it's not so bad though

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guy filming was quite calm

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2018-07-19 17:57:30 UTC kyk in die glasbal en word bang. How do to get the masses to understand.

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IMO this equates to a form of sanctions. Unfriendly investment environments is a difficult pill the global investment market to swallow. Commie fags in the EFF and ANC have been BTFO'd by the investment jew for the past 4 years and they still dont know why the economy is failing. #MakeSouthAfricaInvestmentFriendlyAgain

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@Willem Petzer why not have a section on theology?

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and economics

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Yeah good suggestion, instead of a chaotic mish-mash, should organise it, and structure it.

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w!everyday Orania

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<:success:369215091381370892> Added location. I will run at 08:00 (UTC) and get the latest weather.

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RE: Khoisan article,Could it be about money? Only 7 traditional leaders are paid,i doubt he is on the payroll. The anc does not want anything to do with khoisan people.

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Yeah isnt that the problem, that the government does not want anything to do with them, being the reason they want out?

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Or to be recognised and get paid millions like the zulu king