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On the bright side it looks like we have surplus capacity. I guess this is what happens when your economy shrinks due to rising energy costs and government calls on business to use less energy.

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Rob Hutchinson
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"Cyril Ramaphosa has managed to sign an investment deal with China valued at R196 billion."
Most do not understand what this implies. Don't be fooled into thinking the money to ease SA's R2,7 trillion debt burden is coming from China or anywhere else. It's not as if Cyril handed out SA's banking details and said: "do an EFT". The Chinese deal (and others) allow countries to build their infrastructure in South Africa.

One such agreement, between China and Eskom, is for the construction and management of unnamed facilities, to the value of R33 billion. Others are with Transnet (rail, ports and pipeline) and an undisclosed Financial Sector investment, probably BRICS or a Chinese bank.

Now, the agreement with China includes a provision for the relaxation of visa applications for their workforce. That's correct, China ships in Chinese nationals to build the infrastructure and has a reputation throughout Africa for leaving their workforce behind long after completion of a project.

Such practice is visible as close to us as Angola, where China built an entire City of apartments, 750 eight-story buildings able to house 500,000. The city stood empty for many years as selling prices were far above what the average Angolan could afford. Their solution? Provide long-term, low-cost loans from Chinese banks to locals - effectively bonding them for a lifetime.

A similar practice is already evident in South Africa with low-cost "to rent only" high-density Chinese developments popping up wherever you look. One has to wonder if Chinese nationals will be beneficiaries of land expropriation without compensation.

I have to ask the question; How does this benefit us as South African citizens, taxpayers and job-seekers? Please share your thoughts.

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I would be interested in your views of this @HoppeanSnake_ZA I think I have audio problems.

"There is a concerning lack of transparency in CR's recent China deals which could lead to another form of State Capture. We seem to have forgotten that China Development Bank, who yesterday invested R33bn in Eskom and an undisclosed amount in Transnet, was implicated in several dodgy deals highlighted in Thuli Madonsela's State Capture report.

At the BRICS summit in Durban five years ago, Brian Molefe cut a deal with China Development Bank for R50 billion. The deal was for locomotives supplied by China rail - trains which should and could have been built in SA. This deal included well-documented kickbacks for the Guptas.

Then Brian Molefe moved onto Eskom and struck another deal with China Development Bank for another R50 billion.

Furthermore, China Development Bank has picked up Eskom's deal with Hitachi to finance Kusile power station - the same Hitachi which was found guilty of corruption in the Medupi deals of around R40 billion.

Two weeks ago the BRICS New Development bank loaned Transnet R2.7 billion for the Durban ports.

As we all know, the State-Owned entities mentioned above are currently undergoing countless inquiries and investigations for serious corruption and are, by the admittance of their senior executives, still filled with corruption. These kinds of deals can only be considered as odious debt - not in the best interests of the majority of the people.

With the BRICS summit once again on the go in SA, we seem to be witnessing history repeat itself. The game is the same only the players have changed."

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The uneducated voter does not comprehend any of this... Which is a problem.

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@Arnoldsly99 the world is losing its collective mind

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Or should I say, trying to force a collective mind upon the individuals living in it 🤔

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A very demented mindset

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@TruthCanary Didn't think that shit would spread from the USA to SA

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That shit has spread everywhere

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Toxic bullshit

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@Arnoldsly99 agreed, never met anyone locally pushing that crap

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@Tjoppie I think it's fake news

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@KoninginTanja Hard to tell, it's so consistent with the narrative being pushed... But then again, the narrative is pretty much fake as it is.

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@Sheamus I think it's satire.

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WTF... Does anyone know what went on here?

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A video Willie shared with me when the soldiers threw them out of their house. They claim these houses belongs to the military. After reaching out to government for their intervention, the pressure became too much and he took his life this past Saturday. Not only did they evict residents eligally, they even took Chris who owned sheep - they took of his sheep and had a braai with it. They disconnected their water supply on the squatter camp. So you tell me, how does government still turn a blind eye to this???

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I saw that

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Government has trumpeted China pledge of R193 billion – but South Africa has invested much more than that in China

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@Conscious Caracal This was decided years ago. An "alliance" with the zulu. There will also be a secession, but not of the Boer republics or an ethnostate. Just another multiracial/multicultural liberal democracy.

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@Rendier What's up with this?

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The DA is rotten