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2018-07-27 17:24:41 UTC  

Dis die probleem met Suid Afrika. Suid Afrikaners is bereid om teen hulle beginsels te stem, net omdat hulle glo dis die enigste oplossing teen die ANC. In ander lande kry mens dit nie

2018-07-27 17:25:18 UTC  

Jip, geloof is laag...

2018-07-27 17:43:00 UTC  

Kom voice toe

2018-07-27 17:54:43 UTC  

Ja ons het n demokrasie, so jy will n demokrasie wat die swart meerderheid verkies uitruil vir nog demokrasie wat nou ook die swart meerderheid verkies? Kan ons tog 'n beter plan he as dit, om weg te kom van 'n demokrasie af, sodat almal gelyk kan wees, maak nie saak wat die meerderheid voel nie?

2018-07-27 18:26:39 UTC  

GOSA vs SAPS Summary

Judgement handed down:

1) it is directed that SAPS are prohibited from any plan of action to collect surrendered firearms
2) this application is postponed to the normal roll
3) that by declaratory order of court the periods in 24 etc of the Act may be extended for people to apply on good cause shown
4) The Feb 2016 directive is withdrawn
5) the IT system of CFR must be repaired to accept late renewals
6) SAPS is ordered to issue a directive that the IT system be repaired
7) Any late renewal apps must show good cause
8)any applicant shall be deemed to be in lawful possession

2018-07-27 18:57:59 UTC  

@Sheamus Ek sal se dit is juis die skelm rond voeter om terug te kry wat die probleem is. Hoekom kan ons nie net reguit na die eindpunt toe gaan nie en net ons waardes behou? Is ons waardes so vikeerd dat ons eintlik onderhand moet speel en rond voeter met risks? Dit voel rerig skelm as ek nou rerig eerlik is met jou. Probeer jou nie sleg se nie, net ek dink klink soos 'n kak plan. En COPE is 'n mors van tyd in my opinie, lekota is 'n kommie.

2018-07-28 08:05:56 UTC  

For all those who think the DA is the solution to SA's problems ☝

2018-07-28 09:24:40 UTC  

@Gonzo I fully agree with you that Afrikaners should not be running away. Our place is on the Southern tip of Africa, and always has been. I just think that party politics are not the solution to the problems we face. I agree with you that the DA govern better than the ANC ever could, but in the end, their policies are just as discriminatory as the ANC's policies. If only Afrikaners could for once stand together and make a plan for our future, that would be a major step in the right direction. I still believe the best solution would be secession and our own Volkstaat, but we need to pull together in order to accomplish something like that. A referendum would then be needed, and we would need to decide on which area would be suitable for something like that. However, I think most Afrikaners are too comfortable with their current circumstances, and wouldn't want to move to another territory and leave everything behind (which is understandable). It is a complex situation.

2018-07-28 09:39:09 UTC  

I agree that would be a good start, but even if the Western Cape consists out of 80% Afrikaners, we would still be under the socialist policies of the government of South Africa. The ultimate solution has to be a separate Afrikaner state.

2018-07-28 09:49:13 UTC  

Yes true, but my point is, even if we elect our own political party to govern the province, we would still be required to operate within the South African constitution, and we would also still be forced to apply the socialist policies of the South African government.

2018-07-28 09:49:47 UTC  

We would still be paying tax for NHI for instance

2018-07-28 09:54:11 UTC  

But we would still be paying social taxes for others. The government would still have the capacity to redistribute portions of our taxes to other people. And if the constitution were to be changed to allow for Land expropriation without compensation for instance, we would still be affected, because we would still be part of South Africa. The only way to sidestep all of these issues, is to secede from South Africa, and form our own Volkstaat

2018-07-28 10:42:43 UTC  

Pretty sure people will go to the cape almost without hesitation, if there is property for homes they actually can afford and work for them to do. Voting DA, that is in full support of BEE, and looking to appeal to the black majority through identity politics, is not going to make that happen. The idea to gather us there in the Cape is a good idea, but to get everyone to vote DA is not. Majority want to punish them for pushing identity politics and wanting to defend BEE, to let them know we don't like to get played. Take a moment to reflect on the idiots that complain about the ANC, but keep voting ANC. Why are we to be like them? Should we not lead by example and actually stop supporting the fruitful works of evil? After all, real leadership is what is lacking.

2018-07-28 11:51:24 UTC  

@Gonzo fair enough, but weren't you pushing to vote DA last night, or have you given up on that argument now?

2018-07-28 12:12:17 UTC  

I see the DA vote as stability for a while,not an end solution. Stopping corruption and having services delivered to people is a start,and the DA is doing that in WC, and in parts in the EC,so they at least do their work.

2018-07-28 12:28:46 UTC  

@Gonzo The picture on the left is the ANC, and the picture on the right is the DA

2018-07-28 12:59:07 UTC  

Newer small parties can be formed lol, dude, what makes you think the DA, once in power will not use the same scare tactics the ANC is using? We see the ANC telling masses vote ANC or the boere will take over again. If the DA is starting to play the same game as the ANC, don't you expect to see the DA saying vote DA or the ANC takes over again? They are playing the same game... Small parties afterwards mean nothing. The DA is literally sugarcoating the actual problem here. As for COPE, yeah what lekota says really sounds good, especially if you are a boer, but he openly acknowledges he is still ANC. A good tree produces good fruit, a corrupt tree produces corrupt fruit. A good tree cannot produce corrupt fruit and neither can a corrupt tree produce good fruit. If lekota is loyal to ANC, and the ANC is measured by its fruitful works, then it's obvious what COPE is. As for VF, I'll have to look more into it, i haven't really looked much into them, but i don't have an opinion on them at the moment. But i still have a problem with your method of reasoning, to support the fruitful works of evil for your own selfish desires. Just don't, focus your strategy towards getting everyone in the cape, then we can say stuff you and your shitty politics, we will do our own thing, and then we can get out of this Democratic rule and bring back the rule of law that is above the rule of lowly man. This methodical scheming and deception you suggest is only giving more power and legitimacy to the problem, which doesn't allow us to solve the root cause, and instead forces us to treat the symptoms.

2018-07-28 13:11:11 UTC  

@TruthCanary that picture is perfect by the way lol 👌

2018-07-28 13:53:27 UTC  

I'm not going to tell you who to vote for, only a politician will do that, and I'm no politician. But i am trying to reason with you, so that you can be more reasonable about your choices. You value your vote in a democracy, that value is your investment in a democracy, and like any business, investment drives the growth and legitimacy of that business. Politics is business as usual, dont forget that. Vote with your wallet people will say, and if all your options are not worth your money, don't waste your money. Save it, and then invest in something else.

The DA does really good with their maintenance and governance, i get that's why you would prefer them, but it's in their best interest to make you dependent on them, but why depend on them, why depend on politics even. We have a rule of law that makes us all equal given to us by our creator, and politics really only is a means to wiggle our way out of that rule of law, to justify inequality, by feeding on our prejudices and making us dependent on our overlords to defend us from righteous judgement. Why be dependent, why not be independent? Why not steer away from the distraction of politics and the dependency of a government, and look toward independence from a government?

2018-07-28 13:53:36 UTC  

The idea that we ought to come together in the Cape is a great idea me thinks, we can just not play the political game and not invest in it, and say we want out of that political game and return to a rule of law that is intended to keep the unrighteous out, and away, and that vote can be better invested in our community and what we ought to prioritize. That's how i see it personally. We should be independent from a government, hence whatever government we do put together will be limited and small, and will face the judgement of the people if they so decide to pave a way to hell with their good intentions to make us dependent on them.

My last words on this topic is this. The road to the hell is paved with good intentions. I don't think you are a bad person, i think you mean well, obviously. But you are helping to pave the way forward to hell, and i just want you to see it for what it is, to understand what that means when i say, the road to hell is paved with good intentions. Give it some thought, look at this globalist democratic agenda, listen to the the shit they say, you can't deny they mean well, but you can see the results there of is bringing the world closer to hell... Just recognize the truth, and be reasonable about it.

2018-07-28 15:12:37 UTC  

We are not as independent as you may think we are, we may support the means and ideas of independence, but in fact we are very divided preventing us from actually being independent, and the division now makes us dependent on our saviour the DA, that will unite different perceptions and beliefs, and promise to bring peace... There is a principle that already dictates the way this unfolds... Orania is independent, we who are not in Orania or our own version of paradise, we are not independent. Hence why i say, good idea to come together. Orania didn't come into existence by playing shady political games, they recognised the truth, came together and made a plan, and acted out accordingly. We can do the same thing, but this distraction of politics is just that, a distraction.

2018-07-28 15:47:33 UTC  

The DA support BEE... And they think we who are white are too privileged. Why would they support your idea, and if they do, what makes you think they will keep the majority vote?

Again, i do see where you are coming from, i really do... But they are the ANC lite only because they don't hold majority power, and if they get into power, they will become the ANC.

2018-07-28 15:56:01 UTC  

Yes and it will reflect poorly on the DA, and the majority will compell them to do something about it, because democracy, and if they don't, the ANC just says, told you so, the EFF says told you so, BLF says told you so... And then you will realize the hell that was paved.

Sorry man, I know you mean well, and i just really can't keep going in circles. Let me know when you want to talk about independence from a democratic rule, a plan of action, not some shady strategy to get back at the ANC. This just sounds like cutting off your own nose to spite your own face.

2018-07-28 15:56:01 UTC  

Ditsem! @Sheamus, you just advanced to level 12!

2018-07-28 16:12:16 UTC  

The US is not a democracy, in spite of the lie that you keep hearing from their democrats. I agree, dividing us up into self governed states is a better idea, it's a step up, but will need to make the necessary adjustments to our constitution for that i believe, which requires a particular large vote in support. It will probably be easier to just get together somewhere, and secede from the country through legal means, without really offending or forcing the rest of the country to follow the dictation of the minority, and then establish ourselves independently like Orania. Less risk that way, they did it and look at them, they materialized it, and we need to follow in their footsteps, and go in the same direction, if we intend to have what they have.

2018-07-28 17:20:20 UTC  

My bad then, I apologise. Probably not the best example to make. I do admit that it was based off of an assumption and here i am, made an ass over it 😅 but okay, they still made it happen without playing shady politics, just got it done.

Personally I think secession will be necessary to avoid the shift in power that state will achieve to expropriate private property. Its a pity, i genuinely thought Orania seceded, maybe it was their own currency that mislead my understanding, i made the mistake of judging on appearance. Lol but as such I'll reinforce righteous judgement. Thank you for correcting me @Gonzo

2018-07-29 04:26:26 UTC  

@Gonzo @Sheamus I must say, as an American who has been following the situation in SA for a year or so (and I am of course by no means an expert), I must say that you both make fantastic points and arguments that I think are worth deep consideration. I would ask the gentleman who seems to be in favor of supporting the DA, albeit as a first step/temporary solution, that, lets say Afrikanners do, somehow, migrate/reproduce enmass in the Western Cape; I hear the ANC is attempting to flood the province with its members/supporters; even if this is not true, what's to say that mass amounts of blacks would not flood into the WC and simply takeover from the whites? Are invidivual provinces in SA allowed to have their own "immigration systems". Enjoying the discussion immensley fellows! 😃

2018-07-29 07:51:28 UTC  

@Gonzo The federal state solution is the easiest short term solution, but will still kill us in the long run. Any provincial law will have to be subject to the current constitution, which is already a product of bs ideas. The state can also pass laws that counter or circumvent any provincial law that you would want to enact so you are still at the mercy of the MAJORITY. Even if we seceded to a federal type state, whites are still only 8%. In a democracy, you will still be subject to the mob which means (in the case of the cape) you'll just be ruled by mongrels in stead of blacks.

Now here's the kicker: This is going to happen. Because there is already 1 and a half generation that have been conditioned to accept the mongrel as an equal because they mostly speak our language and have adopted our customs and habits to alarge degree. Your children will be further conditioned and socialised at school to assimilate through proximity and the school system while the (((media))) conditions them to think mescegenation is acceptable, cool or preferable.

So yes, you might win for one generation, but your children and granchildren will not survive.

2018-07-29 07:52:39 UTC  

@$P!KY\/!k!NG We need a monarchy, democracy is a false god.

2018-07-29 07:53:11 UTC  

@$P!KY\/!k!NG And because peaple are desperate for a solution they will think this is a godsend when really it is a delayed death warrant.

2018-07-29 07:59:45 UTC  

@HoppeanSnake_ZA I agree half and half. I believe in volksraad. A council of men from your own people. Voting is reserved for those who pay taxes and have children and have served the nation. IQ tests and genetic tests should be mandatory to ensure that only the best have a say in the future of the NATION. The council and any state official that is guilty of corruption should be seen as betraying the trust vested in them by the volk and therefore are traitors to the volk. Death must be swift. Serving on the council must be a burden. A terrifying burden.

2018-07-29 09:19:47 UTC  
2018-07-29 09:26:34 UTC

2018-07-29 10:34:41 UTC  

You want this party to rule?

2018-07-29 11:13:43 UTC  

@Gonzo Is the envisioned future according to these youth posters saving our culture?

2018-07-29 11:28:55 UTC  

@Gonzo lol you get used to it, he is just obsessed with race like the liberal left are. If only [insert race] could be done away with, all problems would be solved. As if there aren't bigger and more concerning problems that go deeper than skin.