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2018-07-25 21:52:17 UTC  

@Kaiser MJ my dad said he saw many people shot up so bad it looked like mince

2018-07-25 21:52:19 UTC  

@ThatRightWingFish that's why the farm murders is such an important topic for us, it touches each one of us Afrikaners personally

2018-07-25 21:52:25 UTC  

I mean, the farm killings are real, but EWC is against all the country

2018-07-25 21:52:52 UTC  

my dad would only tell my filtered stories

2018-07-25 21:52:56 UTC  

Is there like a safe region of SA for Whites?

2018-07-25 21:53:23 UTC  

not really. you just need to be lucky.

2018-07-25 21:53:25 UTC  

think of SA like the 1920s

2018-07-25 21:53:34 UTC  

Orania, in the middle of the dessert.

2018-07-25 21:53:34 UTC  

Ditsem! @KoninginTanja, you just advanced to level 7!

2018-07-25 21:53:41 UTC  

ey crazy man

2018-07-25 21:53:49 UTC  

The 1920's Chicago was good

2018-07-25 21:53:49 UTC  

I still need to go to Orania

2018-07-25 21:53:58 UTC  

my dad is a yster

2018-07-25 21:54:17 UTC  

gentle giant

2018-07-25 21:54:42 UTC  

@AfrikanerKnight just been there, I was a bit disappointed

2018-07-25 21:54:56 UTC  

You guys like Orania better than Kleinfontein

2018-07-25 21:55:00 UTC  

Why is that?

2018-07-25 21:55:09 UTC  

really? that's sad to hear 😦

2018-07-25 21:55:13 UTC  

sure, I don't really know. just saying it's more like rampant gangsterism (certainly in cape town) interspersed with rapidly deteriorating racial situation between the communists and everyone else (they hate black people that argue how stupid legalized theft will be for the economy)

2018-07-25 21:55:51 UTC  

why Tanja?

2018-07-25 21:56:16 UTC  

Orania is big right?

2018-07-25 21:56:24 UTC  

pop. 1500 ?

2018-07-25 21:56:35 UTC  

Land wise

2018-07-25 21:56:44 UTC  

land size only 80sqkm

2018-07-25 21:56:58 UTC  

loads of space for expansion around it though ? if you can get water

2018-07-25 21:57:44 UTC  

water is the big problem

2018-07-25 21:58:00 UTC  

if lesotho decided to revert the orange river......

2018-07-25 21:58:13 UTC  

it probably wasnt more dangerous to be in chicago in 1920 than to be a frontline soldier in iraq..

2018-07-25 21:58:20 UTC  

which it is in SA

2018-07-25 21:58:53 UTC  

SA farmer*

2018-07-25 21:59:56 UTC  

if you guys are planning something this is not the place :D

2018-07-25 22:00:07 UTC  

you're like those guys posting the coffin guy on facebook

2018-07-25 22:00:25 UTC  


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2018-07-25 22:00:43 UTC  

more like defensible mountains

2018-07-25 22:01:48 UTC  

I don't think we are talking about too much but I was just interested in the situation

2018-07-25 22:01:59 UTC

2018-07-25 22:01:59 UTC  

Ditsem! @AfrikanerKnight, you just advanced to level 2!

2018-07-25 22:02:24 UTC  

i'll start walking around in my browns.

2018-07-25 22:02:31 UTC  

that'll scare the hell out of them