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2018-07-25 22:06:34 UTC  

cannon fodder

2018-07-25 22:06:37 UTC  

We need to find our own place in South Africa. Where we can grow our farms and segregate ourselves.

2018-07-25 22:06:47 UTC  

@AfrikanerKnight they are trying, they are working hard, but their resources are limited.

2018-07-25 22:07:16 UTC  

@KoninginTanja Do you think they could do more if they were properly supported?

2018-07-25 22:08:38 UTC  

@AfrikanerKnight Yes, they could do a lot more, but they need a ton of money to achieve absolute success.

2018-07-25 22:09:11 UTC  

It rains there 6 times a year.

2018-07-25 22:10:32 UTC  

that area gets about 400mm per year

2018-07-25 22:10:44 UTC  

that's enough, but.... you will have slow growth.

2018-07-25 22:11:13 UTC  

we need to learn selous scout tactics

2018-07-25 22:11:51 UTC  

They are upping their marketing, bit tourism is their main income, but their accommodation for tourists aren't up to par, they also have successful nut farming,

2018-07-25 22:12:10 UTC  

I was reading about the EO guys intercepting radio comms in sierra leone, 'photoshopping it' and retransmitting radio signal with incorrect numbers (general saying 40 trucks are arriving when only 3 arrive)

2018-07-25 22:12:18 UTC  

that's why I say if the Boers want to live in the cape somewhere, they must reclaim Graaff-reinet Republic

2018-07-25 22:12:34 UTC  

and swellendam republic

2018-07-25 22:13:03 UTC  

I published the link in history

2018-07-25 22:13:08 UTC  

that looks like an extremely reasonable map

2018-07-25 22:14:29 UTC  

@theeChristopher how about we trade the western cape with kzn. Basically do a swop with the Zulus. ;)

2018-07-25 22:15:00 UTC  

haha ja, Natalia was the BEST, but that will take a lot of effort to regain.

2018-07-25 22:15:07 UTC  

hey i want to stay here in kzn

2018-07-25 22:15:20 UTC  

we could swop EC with WC and Mthatha would be a paradise in 10 years, CPT would run out of water before june

2018-07-25 22:15:21 UTC  

Ditsem! @rob, you just advanced to level 9!

2018-07-25 22:15:41 UTC  

i'll scout for anemy movememnt this side

2018-07-25 22:15:47 UTC  


2018-07-25 22:16:24 UTC  

but seriously, how will a command hierarchy be established? who will lead these attacks?

2018-07-25 22:16:32 UTC  

i personally think we're way too divided.

2018-07-25 22:16:39 UTC  

that is a brilliant question

2018-07-25 22:16:58 UTC  

I'm willing to make myself queen of the Afrikaners

2018-07-25 22:17:07 UTC  

siener spoke about a man in a brown suit, I'll volunteer

2018-07-25 22:17:43 UTC  


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2018-07-25 22:17:54 UTC  

Sell it"

2018-07-25 22:18:46 UTC  

Il @rob I'll buy my husband a brown suit.

2018-07-25 22:19:17 UTC  

I am Queen!

2018-07-25 22:20:34 UTC  

TF is this talk about brown shirts about

2018-07-25 22:21:18 UTC  

MY first proclamation as Afrikaner Queen: off with the heads of those that don't believe I'm queen!

2018-07-25 22:21:31 UTC  

I reckon that's why mandela did this:

2018-07-25 22:21:45 UTC  

just don't call me a f***ing dutchman :)

2018-07-25 22:23:14 UTC  

that dude was here in my town, slept over at one of our farmers

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2018-07-25 22:24:18 UTC  

@ThatRightWingFishWe had an old profit called Siener van Rensburg and he made a few prophecies, some have already come true, he foretold a black president and a rise of the Afrikaners. I'm sure someone here will send you a YouTube link

2018-07-25 22:25:25 UTC  

we need a cleric like siener in the next engagement