Message from Newscat ZA in Willem Petzer Live Chat #voice-channel-chat

2018-07-27 19:15:33 UTC  

@Guss are you typing with your nose??

2018-07-27 19:16:41 UTC  

In th epast I voted DA (not becuase its my first choice), but because the best opposition for the devils.... this time, I struggle to justify my previous aregument...

2018-07-27 19:16:49 UTC  

still thinking about it

2018-07-27 19:17:09 UTC  

Maybe local and Nat, 2 different crosses

2018-07-27 19:18:01 UTC  

Im also going probably going to split my vote.

2018-07-27 19:18:34 UTC  

Its notlike choosing a car, its politics,

2018-07-27 19:19:40 UTC  

ja, but now if you swing on a national level, and you town was well govern'ed, then stick to that vote.... on National level, maybe I will go for an underdog, becuas eits still a seat in parlement

2018-07-27 19:19:41 UTC  

Exactly. If you vote for someone just because "they are the opposition" you don't know what you are doing.

Voting cattle.

2018-07-27 19:20:49 UTC  

Im thinking of COPE national, probably DA local, our municipalities still run under them.

2018-07-27 19:21:22 UTC  

yea, think about it..... even if you have to split.... but do not vote just for the sake or popularity.

2018-07-27 19:21:38 UTC  

Agree @Guss

2018-07-27 19:22:05 UTC  

Yea, where I stay, local (DA) did good the last 8 years.... Im happy how they do thigs

2018-07-27 19:22:49 UTC  

(bit that is local).... National I'm still reserved..... will check how the monkeys perform closer to Aug

2018-07-27 19:23:51 UTC  

YOu need NUGET (black shoe polish) if you do not wnt to look like rasists.

2018-07-27 19:23:52 UTC  

DA should habe been ballz to the wallz about the EWC thing, but they focus on de Lille and "white privilage".

2018-07-27 19:24:30 UTC  

DA and ANC are two sides of same coin

2018-07-27 19:25:12 UTC  

@Newscat ZA Shhhhhtttt.... @Gonzo might pop a vein. 😂

2018-07-27 19:25:20 UTC  


2018-07-27 19:25:29 UTC  

well they were decent before, not so much now

2018-07-27 19:25:54 UTC  

Newscat. Who did you vote for last election?

2018-07-27 19:26:27 UTC  

yeah i did DA because they were effective then

2018-07-27 19:26:28 UTC  

@Newscat ZA Yes, fuck I just get a headache knowing that I have to give my vote to any political party...

2018-07-27 19:26:33 UTC  

this time around i doubt i will

2018-07-27 19:26:52 UTC  

@guss who did you vote for last election?

2018-07-27 19:27:20 UTC  

Me DA+DA,, my Wife DA + VF

2018-07-27 19:27:37 UTC  

but not this time, I'm stil thinking about it

2018-07-27 19:28:20 UTC  

So 4/4 ppl in chat voted DA last election. Only 1/4 is voting DA next election.

Point proven.

2018-07-27 19:29:37 UTC  

SO if I vote DA for Eden Distric, its based on their past performance (that is ano brainer)
Its on National level where I fucken do not know what to do (cause vusi + kie are kierrieklappers)

2018-07-27 19:29:57 UTC  

Yeah I voted DA too last election

2018-07-27 19:30:09 UTC  


2018-07-27 19:30:21 UTC  

@Gonzo it is not my plan, it is inevitible reality.

2018-07-27 19:30:22 UTC  

anarchy - Well, tht is some topic to dicusss

2018-07-27 19:30:39 UTC  

@Sheamus are you voting DA next election?

2018-07-27 19:30:49 UTC  

Sorry, I mean anarchist

2018-07-27 19:31:23 UTC  

in SAFFA you dont enjoy gulags, gulags enjoy you

2018-07-27 19:31:40 UTC  

@Klipkop (Clip-Cop) No lol, DA is going to feel the loss, they just dont know it yet. Everyone I know that voted DA is going to refuse it. they need to know they cant play us like this

2018-07-27 19:31:59 UTC  

@Gonzo , me? (no, I did not say that)

2018-07-27 19:32:22 UTC  

@Sheamus Please explain that to @Gonzo. He believes we should still vote DA

2018-07-27 19:32:58 UTC  

I meant anarchist, not anergy

2018-07-27 19:33:11 UTC  

@Gonzo I said that is the only way we will reach sucession. You like pitting words in my mouth and then attacking me on that.

2018-07-27 19:34:27 UTC  

@Klipkop (Clip-Cop) yeah i have told him where i stand with the DA, i certainly woke up to the reality that they are playing the same game the ANC is playing, by the same rules they are playing. I think it is absolutely stupid to vote DA if you oppose the ANC vehemently, because you still get played the same way