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damn that's exactly it

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One big echo coming over the atlantic

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who was that quote by again?

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DH Lawrence ? @Conscious Caracal ?

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I only understoon the layman definition he sai in the beginning... the last part for to high english for me

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can we get that quote in text here?

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Men fight for liberty and win it with hard knocks. Their children, brought up easy, let it slip away again, poor fools. And their grandchildren are once more slaves.

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Family wealth dies in 3 generations.... heard the sentiment before

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An essay by John Bagot Glubb. A man who lived the fall of the British Empire.

As numerous points of interest have arisen in the course of this essay, I close with a brief summary, to refresh the reader’s mind.

We do not learn from history because our studies are brief and prejudiced.

In a surprising manner, 250 years emerges as the average length of national greatness.

This average has not varied for 3,000 years. Does it represent ten generations?

The stages of the rise and fall of great nations seem to be:

The Age of Pioneers (outburst)
The Age of Conquests
The Age of Commerce
The Age of Affluence
The Age of Intellect
The Age of Decadence.
Decadence is marked by:

An influx of foreigners
The Welfare State
A weakening of religion.
Decadence is due to:

Too long a period of wealth and power
Love of money
The loss of a sense of duty.
The life histories of great states are amazingly similar, and are due to internal factors.

Their falls are diverse, because they are largely the result of external causes.

History should be taught as the history of the human race, though of course with emphasis on the history of the student’s own country.

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Sir John Glubb

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kaiser should have his own channel

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will save me a lot of reading

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Dis nogal impressive.... seker maar omdat ek fokol geskiedenis ken

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african countries went independent during peak cold war

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that's the real reason for the epic fails

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don't mention their IQ

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the good leaders got assasinated

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that has nothing to do with this!!!

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let's not mention that

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lamost like that rality show Survivor.... the sleeky ones vote of the strong, and then win

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if everything in the world is based on IQ why do none of us know the dude that was posted earlier Mr High IQ on identity politics?

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All the Proffies drive Toyota's...... power and money not related

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necessity mother of invention

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The academia Professor, Doctor, etc

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africa is a giant drive-thru

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now it's a drive-by

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I went to zim in 1997

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was pretty awesome

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Victoria Falls, Harare, etc ?