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2017-03-01 05:02:43 UTC  

The opposite of soft bigotry of low expectations

2017-03-01 05:03:13 UTC  

I don't know.

2017-03-01 05:03:57 UTC  

I'm pretty sure we all have choices, even if we have limitations within them.
That we can all strive, even if we can't be truly ourselves to be good version of the conforming stereotype that we fit into.

2017-03-01 05:04:38 UTC  

Good and bad are relative

2017-03-01 05:05:20 UTC  

Absolute subjectivity leaves us with nothing.
We strive for values, to be the best versions of ourselves to help both ourselves and to achieve said values we choose.

2017-03-01 05:06:39 UTC  

Some people strive for those things. I've found that it's more of a "do as I say, not as I do" situation.

2017-03-01 05:07:02 UTC  

Path of least resistance wins out a lot of the time

2017-03-01 05:07:18 UTC  

Hence why the world is the way it is

2017-03-01 05:07:18 UTC  

I don't like that, I think we should not do that.

2017-03-01 05:08:04 UTC  

Well, don't loose your fire and drive.

2017-03-01 05:08:25 UTC  

I'll try.
I've been through things that would normally rob it but it keeps going, no idea why.

2017-03-01 05:09:13 UTC  

Religion, strong family bonds, friendship, honor maybe?

2017-03-01 05:09:33 UTC  

They all usually go hand in hand.

2017-03-01 05:10:04 UTC  

Could just be genetically programmed into you

2017-03-01 05:10:47 UTC  

Religion is basically non existent in australia. My family were rather terrible to me. My friends were barely friends in times of strife.
I think I kept my principles because I had little left.

2017-03-01 05:11:47 UTC  

Hard times create strong men

2017-03-01 05:12:01 UTC  

Or they kill em

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2017-03-01 05:13:12 UTC  

We are the result of necessity.

2017-03-01 05:14:23 UTC  

It's a nice meme but it doesn't always ring true

2017-03-01 05:14:31 UTC  

@here We're planning an anti-antifa operation in Washington state saturday. If any of you are interested PM me. If you know someone who may be interested let them know to PM me.

2017-03-01 05:15:24 UTC  

This is my impression of Australia

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@jason.hanwel If you get vetted, you can post into the northwest channel and coordinate with those guys. They're pretty organized up in that area.

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Pin that biz

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Oh he's offline

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This video is pretty much accurate.

2017-03-01 05:17:03 UTC  

I actually met up with the northwest goys. How do I contact them?

2017-03-01 05:19:38 UTC  

The cops are cunts though.

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2017-03-01 05:23:29 UTC  

Their job is to fuck people over. And sometimes actually stop crimes, but only if they're in the right place at the right time @Chancellor

2017-03-01 05:23:55 UTC  

Yeah, I ain't saying that we shouldn't have them, they're better than the alternative.
But they're still cunts.

2017-03-01 05:24:28 UTC  

Make bank and have your own private security force

2017-03-01 05:24:47 UTC  

Who says I don't.

2017-03-01 05:24:59 UTC  

I'm guessing you don't

2017-03-01 05:25:32 UTC  

If you did, you'd be taking over Australia

2017-03-01 05:25:49 UTC  

For the good of the people and such

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Where does the awoo thing come from?

2017-03-01 05:32:41 UTC  

anime girl go awoo.