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You only speculated as to how it may be done.

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angular velocity is rotational speed

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When was this done?

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What instruments were used?

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Mucho Autismo

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this is some epic shitposting

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I'm just getting warmed up.

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Yeah its a real pleasure having our own pet Flat-Earther

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Notice carefully which side of the argument gets personal first.

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**Makes sure that @Deejay from Earth has enough food, water and tinfoil**

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Lol interesting read

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"Argument" lol

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If you had an argument why are you spamming it here? Publish your thesis and research on the subject in a science forum where it can be discussed. Pro tip: memes are not an argument.

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@cµrvy Well then why don't you just post the evidence for your model to make me go away? You completely ignored one of my previous posts which tells you which peer-reviewed papers you can go look up. If you had any proof of your Heliocentric philosophical fantasy you would have posted it by now. Edit Typo

2018-07-19 16:24:26 UTC  

what benefit is there to you to care about this issue or to attempt to convince others?

2018-07-19 16:31:56 UTC  

@Hyko Great question. It's more about the implications. Firstly, educational. If the earth actually is flat, how and why is Heliocentrism taught if it's not the truth? What does that say about the entire education system? (Same goes for evolution by the way). Secondly (and more importantly in my opinion) , we have the spiritual implications. People say they believe in God, the Bible etc, and they are Christian and believe that their God, who made the Earth, LIED to them in their very own Bible.

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thank you

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The Heliocentric model is ENTIRELY theoretical. There exists not ONE piece of empirical evidence for Gravity, the axial rotation of earth, or the missing curvature.

2018-07-19 16:55:31 UTC  

That was a genuinely good question, environment shapes our perspective and our understanding. If we could be taught a lie, and believe it, then sure our understanding is conditioned to understand the world differently than what it really is. Deception of the highest degree, a lie so big, you couldn't comprehend it. It matters to anyone who is reasonable, while others content with their own knowledge, which is to be ignorant. I take interest in this conspiracy myself, because it matters to me what i understand the truth to be, and so many exposing controversy of deceptions and lies surrounding NASA really doesn't comfort me and average Joe that cannot exactly go and check for myself. So i keep what works, and what doesn't work i discard, and whatever idea produces the most accurate results to what i want to achieve, the closer i am to the truth. I think for everyone else interested in this are curious for similar reasons. It's interesting stuff to see the variety of reasons people use to argue their points of view and how they define justifiable evidence.

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If the earth was flat why are the moon and other planets spinning in circles?

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Excellen post @Sheamus , you nailed it. The "Education" system is nothing more than forced indoctrination. Memorize & repeat.

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And repetition is the most basic form of mind control.

2018-07-19 17:01:06 UTC  

Yes a valid question i like to ask as well... I'm a space fanatic myself, i enjoy the science fictions, but i do have a tendency to think of space as a fiction, because science fictions tend to try to portray a liberal utopia, which also is a fantasy in reality. Is it coincidence that the push for this reasoning and belief is what lead the world to what it is today? I mean consider they way they think and reason, and then do so with everyone who has a different view, how their views impact their reality and choices.

2018-07-19 17:01:55 UTC  

@Tjoppie This is roughly what it looks like and how it works. Note however that the motion of the moon is not correct.

2018-07-19 17:02:26 UTC  

I'm not arguing for or against either flat earth or global earth. I just expressing my observations

2018-07-19 17:05:38 UTC  

@Sheamus I have no doubt whatsoever that it is a deliberate fraud. Perpetrated with intent to deceive. Because you don't teach your slaves how to make guns. And trust me when I say the big picture is a thousand times more unbelievable than flat earth itself.

2018-07-19 17:07:34 UTC  

Oh yeah, I've gone to dark places, the heart is deceptive, and desperately wicked; and i know it. I know how great the deception could be.

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Well the earth is not totally in a perfect circle it round but not perfectly round. Round papato shaped. Moon does not spin... I wanted to say that it does not make sense for earth to be flat or even near by flat. If it was we would not have had seasons.

2018-07-19 17:12:36 UTC  

@Tjoppie That is not correct sorry. The Heliocentric model can not describe seasons or even length of day. It fails logically long before you even get to the experiments.

Quoting "Heaven and Earth by Gabrielle Henriet,

“The theory of the rotation of the earth may once and for all be definitely disposed of as impracticable by pointing out the following inadvertence. It is said that the rotation takes twenty-four hours and that its speed is uniform, in which case, necessarily, days and nights should have an identical duration of twelve hours each all the year round. The sun should invariably rise in the morning and set in the evening at the same hours, with the result that it would be the equinox every day from the 1st of January to the 31st of December. One should stop and reflect on this before saying that the earth has a movement of rotation. How does the system of gravitation account for the seasonal variations in the lengths of days and nights if the earth rotates at a uniform speed in twenty-four hours!?”

2018-07-19 17:12:53 UTC  

The mark of an intellectual man, is a man that entertain an idea without accepting it. So run with it, entertain the idea, and then see how that impacts your perception and perspective, then you know what to look for as evidence. When you find that evidence exactly as your predicted it... Would that not be the truth? Of course, it could totally be a joke, but at least you would know. See what it offers, and how it impacts your life and understanding of the world around you... We all kind of feel helpless now, struggling to solve problems. Clearly our understanding is not what it could be, because then we would have solutions to problems.

2018-07-19 17:13:24 UTC  

Hope i don't come off too crazy, but if you are here reading any of this, you obviously curious.

2018-07-19 17:20:21 UTC