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I just saw that one in the memes group, thanks for providing the chuckles 😆

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So I've been curious for a while, where did the DA get all their funding from? Hmmmm I wonder where they bought those desalination plants from <:GWseremePeepoThink:402867838580293643>

2018-07-20 04:25:14 UTC  

@Sheamus Morning. You were right last night, I was drifting a bit with regards to the ideology topic, I will try to explain why I drifted.
I believe the human experience in this Realm / Enclosed System / Bio-Dome was never intended to be experienced by large collectives of people who share the same ideology.
When two or more groups with opposing ideologies starts living too close to each other, or their ideology starts offending the other group's ideology, the only thing that their respective and opposing ideologies can create is division and conflict between the groups. Divide and Conquer 101.
We all may believe in roughly the same things, but our path to the conclusions and the knowledge can never ever be one hundred percent similar as we are all living and learning life though our own personalised life experiences. Which may very well be the entire point of being here in the first place.
In summary then to my mind the human experience is absolutely unique to the individual, and life was never meant to be lived as a large collective. Therefore, I can't really get a handle on why ideology is important.
I hope that makes sense.
I would like to suggest a topic for tonight, yes, I have some info on the subject matter people may or may not find interesting.
Open question for <#469490581899575297>... for discussion after graft today.


What is Spirituality?

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@Deejay van die Plat Aarde and a good morning to you too. Will see you around this evening, and participate with you on the topic. Looking forward to it 🙂

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@Sheamus Excellent. 👍

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@Arcade_Hustle just to point out that you promote reformist judaism and @HoppeanSnake_ZA says he has no problem with non talmudic jews. I assume that reformist judaism is like reformation christiantiy which was goin gback to the teachings and away from the captured institution of (cough) satanists

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Talmudic Judaism is objectively a religion of pedophiles. Ever wonder why Israel is haven for child rapists?

2018-07-20 11:13:43 UTC  

Also its vehemently anti white

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the specifics of the evil aren't super important to me, to me the important thing is that there is a valid religion that has been captured by evil

2018-07-20 11:14:16 UTC  

like christianity with the catholic church I think

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where they follow a bunch of 'add on' books

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they aren't anti white, they are anti spiritual, any group that beleives in a personal god is a target

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ja man , I know the propaganda

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but if you think it is specifically against white people you are playing directly into their divide and conquer

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The issue is that they genuinely believe we are human cattle

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all of us