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I matriculated from a christian school, was confirmed but not religious, always seeked to find the common ground between religions and factor out the truth. after direct spiritual experience it seems obvious to me that all of these schools are describing the same process, and equally obvious when there is a program of distraction

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That's the actual place and shamans.

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I was firced into church and sunday school like everyone else I suppose. I hated it. That's where I started searching.

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the chakra system is a direct description of the endochrine system, sexual energy is the only form of magic (black magic being the external use of sex and white magic relying on celibacy as all major religions indicate)

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tantra is the yogic wasy of talking about that but in western civilization people also discovered it in the 19th century in the US there was a movement called male continence which is similar to tantra

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I had a full-on kundalini awakening in May.

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Unexpected. Didn't know WTF was going on.

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celibacy being the retention of semen and transmuting the orgasm through the endochrine system. the energy ususally experienced in orgasm is a kind of short circuiting of the spiritual energy at the base chakra, if that energy is cultivated and conserved then it moves up through your chakras one by one, that's what you experienced

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I mean, it's right there in the bible jesus 40 days in the desert

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You know your shit. Nice.

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celibacy in it's true sense is not no penetration (krishna had a harem) but control over orgasm

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jesus had mary magdelene

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Don't forget about the dopamine. The fasting makes you feel really good.. you get a bit more dopamine every day. It's awesome.

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Can confirm lol

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Not just that, but realisation of self, ie realising you are holy my favourite song, a bit cheesy but resonates on so many levels

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"in this garden of god I see the spiritual world, but its hard to see through this illusory movie, I strive to be conscious of my own immortality, ineffable vision beyond the astral sphere, so ascend within innerspace deathless, samadhi, aware im not the body but the physical the astral the causal the spirit soul be infinity underneath the three bodies made of light drawn energy self manifested pure consciousness will laugh at death, throw off a bag of flesh"

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Remember this from the first Matrix movie?

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that was the ship right?

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Mark 3:11

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Whenever the impure spirits saw him, they fell down before him and cried out, "You are the Son of God."

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as you posted that these lyrics played on my side(I don't believe in coincidence anymore) ", the etheric core resonates universal law, from the breath of the creator made from two arms of god, all glories to Bhagavan, my pulse Paramatma, killin demonic contact, last lap around the zodiac, "

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Ditsem! @rob, you just advanced to level 4!

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The Matrix is a metaphor for life.

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the matrix (first one) is amazing

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I definitely don't believe in coincidences either.

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Let me post something that's even more strange than Flat Earth. Shall I?

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usually show itself to me in the most stupid ways, I'm researching music gear overseas and BAM someone just listed the item in gumtree cape town

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it's happened too many times, with too many specific things

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It's all about frequency. No pun intended.

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I'm listening

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Jeez you guys type fast, trying to keep up lol

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lol, chatrooms since the 90s

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IRC haha

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I'm on the phone, power out this side 😑