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2018-07-20 13:27:06 UTC  

Agreed with that too on the spiritual realm. As above, so below, as within, so without. Inside and all around us, omniscient and omnipotent

2018-07-20 13:27:52 UTC  

It's very real. Jesus did it. Lao Tzu did it. I think Bruce Lee as well - that physique is because of fasting as well. Zen and Jesus is the same thing

2018-07-20 13:28:04 UTC  

@Deejay from Earth I think the was we are evolving, eventually we will all have the choice to seek enlightenment and plug into the spirtual internet much like we have the ability to learn science and 3d print devices/build software/CRISPr

2018-07-20 13:28:35 UTC  

It's a higher state of consciousness. And the Kingdom of God really does live inside of us.

2018-07-20 13:29:29 UTC  

coming back to the critique on environmentalism, I think that the Neomarxists are trying to block our connection to the kingdom within, by putting an ideology in its place

2018-07-20 13:30:18 UTC  

It's being blocked yes absolutely.

2018-07-20 13:30:18 UTC  

Ditsem! @Deejay from Earth, you just advanced to level 8!

2018-07-20 13:30:35 UTC  

By keeping us busy, unhealthy and poor.

2018-07-20 13:31:02 UTC  

That's why they have to teach us a load of shit in school.

2018-07-20 13:31:09 UTC  

Yes, actually funny, I saw some videos on that with Putin comparing communism with Christianity, trying to mimic it in a reversed way.

2018-07-20 13:31:52 UTC  

Like I said yesterday, you don't teach your slaves how to make guns. You make them as stupid as humanly possible.

2018-07-20 13:32:24 UTC  

communism is a highly sophisticated spiritual warfare weapon

2018-07-20 13:32:36 UTC  

Indeed it is yeah, agreed.

2018-07-20 13:34:48 UTC  

That is why I think that if we are going to get out of this shithole we dug for ourselves, we need to fix the people before we can even start thinking about new ideologies.

2018-07-20 13:35:08 UTC  

I think we need to reach people on the spiritual level

2018-07-20 13:35:26 UTC  

I've seen intelligent friends brainwashed, it's sad

2018-07-20 13:35:58 UTC  

but the spiritual needs to be shown to people in ways that they can understand

2018-07-20 13:36:17 UTC  

We all need to start fasting, and awaken to our true nature.

2018-07-20 13:36:38 UTC  

in vedantas book they say the different yogas were ways for different natured people to acheive enlightenment

2018-07-20 13:37:02 UTC  

so intellectuals need to be shown it intellectually

2018-07-20 13:37:14 UTC  

and emotional people need to be shown truth emotionally

2018-07-20 13:37:51 UTC  

in my mind science has explained religion and they align perfectly, the people that disagree are humanities students

2018-07-20 13:38:31 UTC  

spiritual people need to know god directly like you are advocating @Deejay from Earth

2018-07-20 13:38:33 UTC  

DeeJay, you are saying we should do nothing, fast and be lazy, unlearn what we've learnt, ideas are bad.... But then you go on to propagate ideas none the less, aren't you?

2018-07-20 13:39:13 UTC  

but some people in our societies are shamans and some are musicians and some are inventors and they all express god through their attention

2018-07-20 13:40:00 UTC  

Yes and they all participate in the material realm.

2018-07-20 13:40:08 UTC  

I think that the mass of communists in south africa still have gogos that pay funeral cover for a big funeral because they believe in god

2018-07-20 13:40:20 UTC  

and I think that's the angle that needs to be worked in south africa

2018-07-20 13:41:10 UTC  

Before enlightenment: chop wood, carry water. After enlightenment: chop wood, carry water.

2018-07-20 13:41:19 UTC  

@Sheamus The lazy, unkept and disorganized people are always the spiritual ones.

2018-07-20 13:41:22 UTC  

it is critical that we evolve spiritually

2018-07-20 13:42:50 UTC  

different types of people exist, some are messy, some are organised, some talk to god at night, some don't but we all have the potential to speak to god. Our purpose though is to live the life god intended, not to escape it.

2018-07-20 13:43:09 UTC  

Lol it does evolve into many different branches

2018-07-20 13:43:09 UTC  

Ditsem! @Sheamus, you just advanced to level 7!

2018-07-20 13:44:30 UTC  

Yes, agreed.. Measured by the Golden rule, very reasonable to agree with that. To serve a will greater than our selfish desires.

2018-07-20 13:45:25 UTC  

The bhagavad gita starts with Arjuna(a great warrior) facing an army of his cousins and starting to wonder whether all the bloodshed is worth it... Krishna (his friend) arrives, reveals his true identity as Krishna and explains that Arjuna is a great warrior and that he _must_ fight and then proceeds to explain the nature of reality to Arjuna

2018-07-20 13:49:16 UTC  

Picture if you will the Wise Man of the idyllic small village in the mountains. What is the role of the holy man of the village? Obviously he is the spiritual leader. He is also the political adviser to the Chief. He is also the engineer and the doctor. He is also the medicine man. So in my view, Spirituality is knowledge as well the ability to think and reason logically and critically. To have the answers. And isn't that what people want from their God, answers? Spiritual people live for helping others, materialist people live only for themselves. The spiritual man understands the nature of his reality as well as his place in it. And this ability is meant for everyone. It's natural and physiological. Not ideological.

2018-07-20 13:51:12 UTC  

@Deejay from Earth interesting, I like the idea of the Renaissance man being able to do a bit of everything, and certainly today you can be quite a prolific tinkerer in the material realm in mainstream society

2018-07-20 13:51:23 UTC  

Lol all of that can only be understood by ideas... Why do you oppose using a reasonable definition for ideology, why do you insist using your definition that vilifies it? Where is this prejudice rooted?