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Thoughts Feelings Ideas?

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Sounds more like an explanation why didn't go back to the moon, because mission was accomplished, no reason to go back again and complete the same mission again over and over. Thinking about it, there isn't much reason to go back, unless you want to maybe mine for minerals there maybe, but sights are set for Mars now.

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Well NASA's great explanation as to why they can't go back, is because apparently they 'lost the technology'

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Yeah I have heard about that one, all I am saying is that as far as Buzz is concerned here, it doesn't sound like he is saying they never went to the moon, period. If that was the point he was trying to make, he would have just said it and left it at that, and not have bothered to explain why they never went back. I wouldn't make the mistake to consider this a valid testimony though, unless anyone should ask him to clarify specifically whether he went to the moon or not, and a simple yay or nay response would suffice to then judge accordingly.

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I think he is senile tbh

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Weren't there 6 other manned missions to the moon?

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@Deejay from Earth you were asking in theology about the mark of the beast. I took a deep dive with that russian dude that made the no forests on flat earth video. The basic thesis is that the earth is a Silicon organism and when we were created we were given the mark of the beast (666) which is to say we were born as carbon based lifeforms carbon having 6 protons 6 neutrons 6 electrons. (it was a DEEP dive my dude)

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Doesn't the literature refer to a man, and not just man in general? One of those little kinks I'm still working out myself. But I do agree the fleshy meatsuit is a beast, hence i tend to oppose selfish desires where i can, keeping my person on a tight leash. Lol

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ah @Sheamus it was a bit of an inside joke

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the rabbit hole is deep

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I like conspiracy stuff

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but this russian kid that made videos is a machine, videos with music and lots of edits down to 1/2/3 minutes dubbed in russian and english

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his english accent is hillarious tbh worth it just for that

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Lol i watched some of it regarding the forests, but honestly the lenghthy videos kill my time, so if the point isn't made within 10min I'm done lol, first get my attention before trying to lure me down a rabbit hole, not going to explore wanting if I'm not interested in it lol

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The mark shall be given to all the followers of the beast. Whether that is a literal event or symbolic is a debate.

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Anyway I fear to tarry too long in this dark forest lest I never find the path out so I'm heading back out into the light. See ya!

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Not maybe these "smart phones" we keep in our hands having our heads glued to? lol

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Anyone know anything about QAnon? Only saw some mentions on twitter, not quite sure what it's about, but from the looks of things, it looks like it involves Pizzagate

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@TruthCanary I started reading an article about it. It made my head hurt 🤕

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Found a Youtube link just now which condenses everything. Will check it out and let you know if it's worth watching.

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Will send links on qanon

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Can’t find it now, on my phone but @ Paul_serran on Twitter does good summaries

2018-07-30 20:10:54 UTC