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I will create it to allow only true regular contribs to this channel the privilege to speak and the rest can only listen or type here

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@Deejay from Earth proven according to your subjective preference... That's the problem, its your way, or no way.

But again, point is to reason, I'm not saying abandon your model, when you reason, you share your knowledge, and your opponent shares theirs, you analyze each other's information, and then you discuss it, trying to be reasonable about it by throwing ideas at each other, and helping each other understand. Solve each other's ideas with experiments, and you get closer to the truth, that both of you can witness and agree on, until you reach the same conclusion. It's a process, but you should not be afraid of doing it if you are confident in your faith.

Confidence is to allow others to challenge your faith, and not worry about being mislead. Why are you so agitated about being tested? I'm trying to point out my observations here, and what you do with it is up to you. You can continue rejecting information you disagree with, or you can analyze it and reason with it, introspectively of course.

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@Shiver sounds like a legit idea that.

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lol that movie was awesome

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@Sheamus This is not about the intricacies of debate neither is it about anyone's opinions, ideas or philosophies. It's about the truth, and what can and has been proven scientifically. That is the only thing that should be happening here.

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@Deejay from Earth yeah, there's an objective truth, and many subjective truths.

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@Sheamus Nah, there is no interpretation here. It's flat and stationary or it's a spinning ball. The truth fears no investigation.

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says the man linking scientists showing results are null to prove the earth is not moving based on a unproven hypothesis that Luminiferous aether exists even though they never stated that themselves

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@MR VLAK How was the alleged 1000mph axial rotation of the earth first measured and what instrument was used?

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I gave you the answer last night.

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@MR VLAK Show me. Screenshot it.

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@MR VLAK Or just repeat it, maybe I missed it?

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to estimate the speed one considers the movement of the stars compared earth

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I ask you how the speed is measured, and you show me a flawed experiment that was designed to detect the motion of the earth. So you still haven't answered my question.

2018-08-09 18:31:07 UTC  

Where does the 1000mph number come from is what I want to know.

2018-08-09 18:32:05 UTC  

i also showed you your scientific fact being a made up fallacy by FEs as the very scientists that did the research never came to the conclusion you preach

2018-08-09 18:33:06 UTC  

Where does the 1000mph number come from is what I want to know. It's quite specific actually.

2018-08-09 18:34:00 UTC  

It takes 1 day to complete one rotation, total angular displacement is 2Π rad.

Time interval Δt = 1 day
Angular displacement of the Earth ΔΘ = 2Π rad
average angular speed is the average rate of change of the angular displacement
Average angular speed Wav of Earth is 2Π rad / day

Lets convert days to seconds
1 day = 24 hours = 24 x 3600 = 86400 seconds
angular speed
angular speed
Earth angular speed
Earth angular speed is 7.27x10-5 rad /s

2018-08-09 18:34:33 UTC  

No, that is a calculation of some sort, not a measurement.

2018-08-09 18:35:03 UTC  

And it doesn't mention 1000mph

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if you cannot convert or understand it then I do not believe you should be reading any scientific literature. I guess therein lies your problem, you understand only what is explained to you by FE theorists

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@MR VLAK Still nothing huh? Then allow me to enlighten you my son....

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IF the earth was a rotating ball with a circumference of 40 075km, and it made one rotation about its own axis every twenty four hours......

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40 075 divided by 24 = 1 669.7 Kph. LOOK AT ME I'M NASA NOW.

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Never measured. Just theoretical BS.

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Pretty good

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I am off to be bed as soon as I have posted the snarkiest meme I can find.

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Night all. 🙏🏽

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looks pretty round to me

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By that logic Star Trek is a reality series my bra.

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they have good CGI hey?

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No the CGI is shit, you are just really gullible.

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never as gullible as you are

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science... yeah

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based on hypothecial theories...

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