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we doing a civil meme war?

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we can 😃

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lol let me get ready for bed, it's cold here nogal.

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this is true

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"lol theres no curvatre on a flat earth #owned "

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Yeah expecting that one

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"how can u say theres curvature while still saying that earth is just so big?"

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Ahh those Nikon P900s... shame

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Hey flat and round. ANC gonna screw us on a flat and on a curved South Africa :-)
@Deejay from Earth : You could have the price for finding an outlet for posting your "Earth on Low Cabs" theories, and the superiority to intermitted fasting.
@MR VLAK : You think you could convince JM. He also think he has god in himself cause of a large amount of weight lost 😃 @Deejay from Earth is in Ketosis for too long periods at a time, because he is insulin resistant, and this is the only way to keep his weight under control. To much ketones and other mother nature given glands that has shut down, causing a seriously different chemistry.
@Deejay from Earth, do you not have anything else you can speak about? @Shiver or some admin, can't you create a separate chat group for @Deejay from Earth , for flat earth theories. Its like a virus right now spamming the <#469490581899575297> group.
Gatvol Patron.

Excitotoxicity Warning: Neurons on Ketones - Dampen that enthusiasm! Excited neurons transmit signals, process information and form the basis of a functioning brain. OVER-excited neurons tend to die 😃

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FFS Guss, did you just ping me at 4:25AM...

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Could have atleast pinged Admin

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Well @Guss lets quickly get this out of the way... <#469490581899575297> was created to keep Flat Earth Theories out of <#468388839799390210>. This is the channel for whatever weird things you intellectuals want to discuss that is not related to the core purpose of this server. Soooo play nice and share this space seeing as this specific channel caters to no more than 5 people tops at any given time of which Deejay is the main contributor. Regards, Sleep Deprived Admin

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@Guss Hi Guss, like I said last night my main specialty is spirituality and everything around it. I have been researching the truth behind religion for the last twenty years or so. I believe at this point that not only have I rediscovered, but I can accurately define and describe the boundaries of human existence - and in so doing I can extrapolate the nature of man in order to re-introduce humanity as to their true purpose on this earth.

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@Deejay from Earth Oh man Hallelula. Jesus is back

2018-08-10 03:44:42 UTC  

@Guss If you mock my God or my home you're going to be in for rough time, that I can guarantee you.

2018-08-10 03:45:02 UTC  

Shiver... guess I should have known you sleep with the phone next to your bed, and that you leave discord running, and that you not awake. Sorry

2018-08-10 03:46:30 UTC  

@Deejay from Earth. I'm not mocking your and my God. I'm tipping you on your fingers because you bloat about your skills as if you the next saviour

2018-08-10 03:46:36 UTC  

of human kind

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"but I can accurately define and describe the boundaries of human existence" THAT MY FRIEND IS BOLD - you on something

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out of billions of people walking the earth, its you. You where born, Can I promote your skills to the world. Amen

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@Guss Please state your religious affiliation Guss. I disclosed openly and uploaded my picture.

2018-08-10 03:49:56 UTC