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2018-08-10 04:18:53 UTC  

Thats my problem, the ego

2018-08-10 04:18:57 UTC  

Oh no. I rediscovered the truth behind the bible.

2018-08-10 04:19:17 UTC  

Well done... laaste os kom ook in die kraal

2018-08-10 04:19:18 UTC  

All religions contain small truths and many many big lies.

2018-08-10 04:19:45 UTC  

did it take you 46 years?

2018-08-10 04:20:06 UTC  

@Guss First and last warning. Get personal again I dare you.

2018-08-10 04:20:43 UTC  

Go read my first post where I asked you your age.... its way up, and read between the lines 😃

2018-08-10 04:20:51 UTC  

(It was a test, and you scored 0/10)
Dare accepted

2018-08-10 04:21:31 UTC  

Oh. Fuck you.

2018-08-10 04:21:55 UTC  

What was personal, we speaking about religion, IT IS PERSONAL... I'm getitng under your skin?

2018-08-10 04:22:21 UTC  

So it took me 40.....

2018-08-10 04:22:29 UTC  

so what? Why so sensitve?

2018-08-10 04:22:30 UTC  

See when things get serious you start running away?

2018-08-10 04:22:40 UTC  

I'm here

2018-08-10 04:22:44 UTC  

Can you even carry a conversation?

2018-08-10 04:22:45 UTC  

not running

2018-08-10 04:23:06 UTC  

Are you mad cause you can learn me anything new?

2018-08-10 04:23:22 UTC  

Yip, all day long in my jobb

2018-08-10 04:23:38 UTC  

You are a fake Christian and a hypocrite.

2018-08-10 04:23:54 UTC  

I'm not........... you unhappy..... I'm a sinner yes

2018-08-10 04:24:10 UTC  

You just a sad little troll

2018-08-10 04:24:12 UTC  

but he died for my sins 😃

2018-08-10 04:24:43 UTC  

I'm not sa, I'm smiling and having a jol

2018-08-10 04:24:52 UTC  

Jesus is a metaphor for man dude. Did you think that's all real?

2018-08-10 04:25:33 UTC  

IM PROOFING A POINT TO Admin..... didnt he say that this is the channel for this. And does not matter how much shit we post, its about being a "main" contributor

2018-08-10 04:25:35 UTC  


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2018-08-10 04:26:14 UTC  

I know you going to say it I like backspaced the "Symbol" part, not sure if you rady for it

2018-08-10 04:26:28 UTC  

The only thing you're proving is that you have nothing to say.

2018-08-10 04:26:40 UTC  

Just another Low IQ individual.

2018-08-10 04:26:47 UTC  

Yea, like you.... the earth is flat.... its googleable fact. Lol

2018-08-10 04:27:09 UTC  

"Let's not talk about the things that I don't like please"

2018-08-10 04:27:38 UTC  


2018-08-10 04:28:53 UTC  

Yeah that's why you're never getting into the Kingdom of God - because your self-admitted PATHETIC materialism is the OPPOSITE of spirituality.

2018-08-10 04:29:18 UTC  

"Let's not talk about the things that I don't like please" - You have that in quote... are you quoteing me, or is it a request that we should change theh subject?

2018-08-10 04:29:23 UTC  

You've heard these words your entire life, but you failed to define them.

2018-08-10 04:29:46 UTC  

No, I use my God given skills, and I spend 1/3 of my income on helping people in need

2018-08-10 04:29:54 UTC  

do nit judge, spiratal man

2018-08-10 04:30:22 UTC  

@Guss You judged me long before this even started.

2018-08-10 04:30:48 UTC  

But I'm not the one claiming my spirital superiorness online, you are

2018-08-10 04:30:58 UTC  

I'm a sinner