Message from 4rvp in Willem Petzer Live Chat #info-wars

2018-08-10 08:26:27 UTC  

I like how he is now giving us his tatics. thanks @Deejay from Earth

2018-08-10 08:26:31 UTC  

if you ignore him 1 of 2 things will happen

2018-08-10 08:26:36 UTC  

1. he ignores you

2018-08-10 08:26:42 UTC  

2. you learn how to ignore

2018-08-10 08:26:56 UTC  

For the record everyone - I'm blocking Guss, Vlak and 4rvp. It cleans up the thread nicely.

2018-08-10 08:27:04 UTC  

Ja, he lying in bed from 4am in the morning posting flat earth theories (I hope its a cup of coffee in the other hand)

2018-08-10 08:27:22 UTC  

I mean, its one thing to have a hypothesis on flat earth

2018-08-10 08:27:34 UTC  

another to essentially ignore any attempt at proving it yourself

2018-08-10 08:28:03 UTC  

He just blocked everyone that contributes to this channel, lol. now he talks to himself

2018-08-10 08:28:14 UTC  

likes he's taken photos of the moon

2018-08-10 08:28:16 UTC  

COINTELPRO Techniques for dilution, misdirection and control of a internet forum.

There are several techniques for the control and manipulation of a internet forum no matter what, or who is on it. We will go over each technique and demonstrate that only a minimal number of operatives can be used to eventually and effectively gain a control of a 'uncontrolled forum.'

2018-08-10 08:28:28 UTC  

which doesnt really prove flat earth

2018-08-10 08:28:32 UTC  

good quality photo

2018-08-10 08:28:43 UTC  

but doesnt prove anything but

2018-08-10 08:28:48 UTC  

"moon is in the sky"

2018-08-10 08:29:56 UTC  

If you can;t get over the flat earth thing, how on round earth do you cope with other more serious challenges in life?

2018-08-10 08:30:12 UTC  

i dont fall off by tying my harness to the moon

2018-08-10 08:30:16 UTC  


2018-08-10 08:30:27 UTC  


2018-08-10 08:31:23 UTC  

i mean, i can introduce the theory of if light would act properly in a flat earth, then the light pattern wouldnt be half and half

2018-08-10 08:31:37 UTC  

it would be bleeding to the other half

2018-08-10 08:31:54 UTC  

and he'd say some bullshit abt "MUH ATOMSPHERE REFACTIONS"

2018-08-10 08:31:56 UTC  


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2018-08-10 08:32:10 UTC  

He @4rvp , You 18? I'm 49.... but do not worry, I'm not retarded like some other 40 plus'ers

2018-08-10 08:32:21 UTC  

@Guss get a job

2018-08-10 08:32:33 UTC  

Got 2 x 8h jobs

2018-08-10 08:32:39 UTC  

and when you want to use refractions to explain why objects seem higher than they are at distance he no longer believes in it

2018-08-10 08:32:55 UTC  

its somewhat predictable but not outrageous

2018-08-10 08:33:21 UTC  

The 2nd on starts at 14:00 USA Central 08:00

2018-08-10 08:33:28 UTC  

i've seen people try to inform me that the sun isnt a star

2018-08-10 08:33:42 UTC  

but rather a peerage into the omniscient light of heaven

2018-08-10 08:33:49 UTC  

because to us mortals it burns our eyes

2018-08-10 08:34:16 UTC  

because we can't comprehend its holiness or w/e

2018-08-10 08:35:06 UTC  

guys just annoying

2018-08-10 08:35:22 UTC  

at one point he even @'d a mod for "harassment"

2018-08-10 08:36:06 UTC  

I guess that harassment was toward me 😃

2018-08-10 08:36:14 UTC  

it was for me

2018-08-10 08:36:38 UTC  

because i said such thought was bumfounded and rooted in nothing but false religion and pseudo science